I had been starting to notice Ira about my second semester in seventh grade. At that time, Mrs. Indrawati placed us sitting next to her English lessons. Her body was very fragrant. Maybe it was because of the expensive soap she wore every day. Ira was the daughter of a wealthy family in our hometown.

At first, I did not pay much attention to Ira. We were quite different from each other as well. Ira had a very good kinesthetic intelligence. She was very prominent in sports lessons, while I preferred to drown myself in library books. Therefore, I was so close to Dian who was similar in this case with me. Ira poked her hair up like a fountain while attending the lower grades. Perhaps, that’s why I was not that close to her at first.

Sitting side by side in the English lesson, we became frequently did the assignments together in the classroom when the lesson went on. I accidentally noticed her and couldn’t stop yet. Only then did I realize that she was so very beautiful. Her attitude was so spontaneous and open. Then I watched her intentionally. And enjoy it as well.

Perhaps it was true that the Javanese said in ancient times that, witing tresna jalaran saka kulina, or the origin of the growth of love was actually because they were used to each other. This was true in my case with Ira. Despite the fact that she was so beautiful and attractive as well, of course.

On an occasion when chatting in class while on a break. I asked her spontaneously,

“Ir, what if I fall in love with you?.”

“And the truth is that.”

Ira was, of course, very surprised to hear such a question coming out of my mouth. In fact it was a natural thing, because we have indeed stepped on our puberty.