“You startled me, Mit!.”

“What if I become a nun?.”

To me it was so impossible. Ira joined the Islamic Religion class that Pak Abduh to us altogether. It means that she’s as Muslim as me. I couldn’t imagine if she ever really became a nun.

I once read in a magazine, that if a woman said “no” to a man, then what she really means was “it’s possible”. If a woman said “maybe” to a man, then what she really means was “yes”. And finally, if she said “yes”, then it was so certain that the woman was no longer a virgin as well.

After that question, or my frank statement, the reality was that we were getting closer to each other. We talked more often. What a romantic and beautiful adolescence.

It was Friday, we were in sports lessons. We played basketball under Pak Nardi’s guidance. He was a silver medalist on PON or National Sports Party in Wrestling Sport. As a boy who was less prominent in sports lessons, my friends and I were similarly less prominent were collected and competed in a game against a girl group.

We played with fun. The points by points ran after each group. I was excited to play because I played against Ira in that game. I loved to watch her run, devastated, and crawled the ball. A white pearl bead necklace adorned her long neck. Yes, it turned out that she was the most attractive girl in my class.

I fought the ball against Ira and lost. Ira grabbed the ball in my hand and poked her shoulder with my chest. I fell backward and smiled at her. Ira threw the ball to Irvin who immediately ran a harsh ball down the sidelines. Jujuk shouted at Irvin asking for the ball to be covered. Irvin was being detained by Ervan and Andri Susilo.

Ira watched me as I stumbled back and said,

“Come on Mimit, we now face facing against.”

Then she ran after Irvin and Jujuk to attack our stronghold. That’s when I knew that my love has been touched. The love of adolescence was truly very beautiful.