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Home / II-My Mother's Spell / My Mom’s Spell (Part Four)

My Mom’s Spell (Part Four)


This time it was a craft session. There were painting pattern at the poster board that was given to us already. We would make a hat from that paper. After cutting out carefully with the guidance of the teacher, later the paper will be glued on the right place and forming a cap.

When engrossed cutting, accidentally my carton looming on Siska’s head. Siska glared fiercely to me. I grinned apologetically. I fixed my carton layout out of her. Siska re-absorbed in her worked cut out.

Minutes went by. Zainul had been completed with his cardboard cap. Wearing the hat with grinning. Zainul was usually the fastest in doing anything in the class. The converse is me. I was a student who was always the last to complete the task. It has been revealed by Mrs. Yati to my mother.

Brass bell again sounded around long. That means it was time for us to go back home. Gathered with parents and other family members. I looked sadly at my oblique hat I was working. Glue is not neat. It’s sticky indeed. Similarly it’s cutting on poster board also less neat. I was silent sluggish. However, I’ve tried the best.

The teacher collected the results of our work as well as the scissors that we had used to with getting around the classroom. My friends had so lazy to talk to each other. Today it is quite tiring day for us all as well.

After praying home together, our class went out one by one after shaking hands and kissing the hand of the teacher. Mrs. Yati and Mrs. Tutik. I leaved the classroom and saw Mas Tahal had been waiting in front of the school gate. Mas Tahal was a neighbor boy who asked for help by my mother to fetch me to school by bicycle.

“What have you been doing?” asked the mother shocked when I set foot in front of the door. It seemed that she was so surprised with my performance that afternoon after school.

“Not doing anything,” I said, surprised.

“Why are there some glue trace on your forehead?” asked my mother.

“Oh, there was craft lesson”, I replied casually, “Make a paper hat”.

“Well I’ll be an aunt of monkey, should glue been placed to forehead?”, she said rhetorically.

I rubbed my forehead. It was true as said by mom, there was glue dried. According to my feeling I had not put something like glue on my forehead. Mom asked me to wash my face and change home clothes instead of still wearing school uniform. After that ,she told me to had lunch.

After having lunch, I approached my mother who was sewing my sister’s clothes. “Mom, I have a pain on my elbow.”

Mother stopped her activity for a moment and check out my elbow “Did you fall already, Mit?”, She guessed. I nodded. “Is it hurt?”, asked my mother. Again I nodded.

“May mom incantate you in order to get well soon”, bargain mother to me.

I went along. My mother looked at me lovingly and kissed my cheek. Her face was completely sincere. Then she rubbed her right hand to the floor. After that mom rubbed my elbow pain due to a fall when playing at the schoolyard this morning with a loving. She recited incantations which has been known well by her for generations.

Jopa japu

tak tambani tembelek asu

ndang mariyo

nek ora mari yo karepmu”

“How’s Mit?,” asked my mother with a full view of affection, “Is it better?.”

I shook my head and said, “It’s still sick Mom”.

Mother smiled and repeated his actions earlier. Again she cast a spell incantations in earnest and hypnotic voice.

Jopa japu

tak tambani tembelek asu

ndang mariyo

nek ora mari yo karepmu”

“How’s now?” asked my mother gently. “It’s feeling better Mom”, I answered honestly. Mom was so incredible. The pain is gone. I smiled to the mother. And mother smiled back warmly in returning. My Mom was usually a superwoman in my sight.

Mom had spelled incantation in Javanese, our mother tongue. In English, the incantation spell had read by mom when healed me having a free meaning like this:

“Charm spell

I treat with dog droppings

hurry recover

if not cured it’s up “


photograph by Denies Priantinah Senopranoto


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