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“Sepur Tumbuk’s” Driver (Part Five)


“Hands on”, exclaimed Mrs. Yati as she raised her hands above his head. My friends soon mimicked what was done by the teacher. I raised my hand with hesitation.

“Hands to the side”, so then Mrs. Yati ordered to children while giving an example. Deftly then my friends doing what the teacher ordered. Oh, the school is only so simple like this.. so anyway, I thought, if only so easy anyway. I also can. do it with ease.

“Hands down the front”. Soon many little hands outstretched. Ah it is so easy, I thought.

“Sitting sweet”, thus Mrs. Yati command. Friends soon folded hands on a bench and watched Mrs. Yati who was standing in front of the class. I did not get any significant difficulties on this lesson.

Classrooms TK-1 had a light green wall. There are two black chalkboard in front of the class. One for Small Zero and another for the Great Zero class. Colorful benches arranged encircling the class. Red, blue, brown, yellow and green. The pictures on the wall were the work of the students previously installed adorn the walls. Some of them are now sitting in the Great Zero class now. There were pictures of some fish were swimming. One of them had cross-eyed. I felt sorry for the fish.

“Now we learn to sing”, said Mrs. Yati.

“Imitate me, children”.

And we immediately imitate the singing teacher.

“Tell me O carpenter,

How do you hit a hammer?”

See see, my son

Here’s how to hit the hammer “

We all the classmates sing the new song happily. Class Zero Big sing with us. My friends are very happy, as happy as me. I had almost forgotten in my goal to be a crushed.gauge driver.

Then Mrs. Tutik took over the leadership of the class. She taught us Small Zero class another song. Great Zero class seems to have memorized the song, but inevitably they also listened Mrs. Tutik words which was hypnotic.

“Look at a distant point on the high seas

Increasingly clear form apparently

That steamer sailing

White smoke is billowing in the air “

We were singing happily again. Did not feel it was already noon, the sound of bells pinged from another class. Mrs. Yanizar who served to rang the bell to get in, break and disperse the class.

That afternoon I went home with a good cheer feeling. That is my first day of school.

pict by Emile Seno Aji


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