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God Save The Queen (Part Two)



“The lesson is all so easy yet, never needed to learn them anyway.”

My mother smiled wisely, apparently, she could understand my annoyance. Like other children, of course, I also had the ideals to continue college and pursue a profession. But it occurred to me that seeing my father’s manners had been impossible for me to pay for my college. Most of his money will be spent himself to please his affairs and bought Soto Mariam in Kebalen Traditional Market there. The important thing was to enjoy himself, he did not have to think about his children and wife. Soto is an Indonesian dish with meat or chicken. It is so delicious.

“What exactly do you want to, Mit?” My mother asked concernedly.

“I want to go to foreign college in the future,” I said. I did tell the truth. Deep in my heart, I really wanted to go to school to my height. Chatting in English in my daily life. But my behavior at that time did not indicate that I wanted to go to school. No wonder my mother became very concerned.

“Do you know the English anthem?” My mother asked.

God Save the Queen, why Mom ?,”

“Mother will teach you to sing God Save the Queen.”

“But after that, you have to learn for your exams,” she continued.

“Do you memorize it, Mother ?,” I asked full of admiration.

“Sure,” my mother replied with a smile.

Then my mother picked up a chalk and wrote the British national anthem on the blackboard where my father used to explain Mathematics to his private tutors.


God save our gracious Queen,

Long live our noble Queen,

God save the Queen.

Long her victorious,

Happy and glorious,

Long to reign ever us,

God save the Queen.

Mother sang the song while pointing at every word she sung. Then she asked me to imitate. Of course, I imitated her eagerly. English was my favorite subject. I was so sure that none of my friends at school were able to sing God Save the Queen song like me.

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