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God Save The Queen ( Part Three )


I really fulfilled my promise to my mother to study for the evaluation exam in the afternoon until the evening at that day. But afterward, I relapsed to my laziness and angered at my father. I was not learning anymore instead. And it escaped my mother’s attention because she herself also bothered taking care of herself and her other children. Often, I heard the advice of my father’s friends to my mother. According to them, did not make the children confused. If the father was rude to the children, my mother should also follow rough, so the child was not confused with differences in their parents’ attitude. For Goodness sake, why did not they all suggest to my mother to have affairs like my father?. What on earth were they doing?.

The earlier classes were closed when we attended the National Examinations. We have all attended them in an orderly manner. After the Junior High School graduation exam, Ira will follow both of her parents who have become Dutch citizens and live there. She had attended her Dutch’ Language course in Malang with her younger sister. Indeed, in the last days of my junior high school, it was widely heard that Ira would move to the Netherlands. I asked it directly to Ira and she said yes. I did not really remember how I felt at that time. What was clear, before we’ve even split, I was beginning to feel lost.

After completing the graduation evaluation exam, our classmates still met at school frequently. Just chatting with friends who have been together since Kindergarten. There was a sense of joy that we would attend a higher level education, but the sadness and loss also be felt so generous. We’ve been together so long. Many events have happened between us. Funny things, annoying or sad, all blend into one, We’re like brothers and sisters.

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