“Nit, please ask Ira’s address in the Netherlands,” I told Nita, Triarsi Yanitasari. A good friend who was quite tall for most of us. She was beautiful as well.

“Why Mit ?,” asked Nita in surprise.

“Nothing, Nit.”

“Do you like Ira, huh?”

“Nope,” I replied lying.

“You’re a liar, Mit.”

“No it’s not Nit, Ira will move to the Netherlands. The Netherlands is far away, the other friends are just nearby, it’s easy to know their news. If I want to send her a letter to ask the news, how can I write to Ira if I don’t know the address? “I answered diplomatically to Nita.

I was surprised, with such diplomatic capabilities, why did I not just enter the Department of International Relations when I continued my studies and attended Gadjah Mada University, many years later after the event. Nita understood my reason, then she replied,

“Okay Mit, wait a minute. I will ask her.”

Nita immediately approached Ira and they talked for a long time. The other didn’t pay attention to them and me, because they were busy with themselves. Some brood while eating boiled peanuts, and some were busy talking with friends. Then, Nita came to me after talking to Ira. I began to have palpitations and sweating. My sweat was as big as corn seeds.

“You were told by Ira to ask her directly.”

I was speechless. Somehow I was very embarrassed to ask. Even though Ira I knew was spontaneous and talkative. I approached Ira a few steps and then stopped, there was something like blocking me. I was surprised, even though we used to joke when we were in English classes with Mrs. Indra and sat next to each other. Our chatter can develop to the end of the world. But somehow, that time I was embarrassed.

(Photograph taken from pixabay.com)