Chapter XI

God Save The Queen

I entered the eighth grade, the last class in SD / SMP PPSP IKIP Malang. That year meant I had to prepare for the National Final Evaluation to determine my graduation from the Junior High School. In Indonesia, now such Evaluation is called the National Exam. At that time, the Evaluation did not go as scary and full of controversy as it is today. Because a year before our school was taken over by the government as the state school, there was no guarantee for us to enter SMA PPSP IKIP Malang, the school is now named SMAN 8 Malang or Eight State Senior High School. On the program before, we automatically entered this Senior High after graduated from SD / SMP PPSP IKIP Malang. My Junior High School changed its name to SMPN 17 Malang. A few years later his name was changed again into SMPN 4 Malang.

Nothing special in my last year. I still admired Ira and her open and frank attitude. My favorite lesson was still Physics with Mrs. Fauziah and Mathematics with Mrs. Aminah. Of course also English with Mrs. Indrawati. In English lessons, I often took Mrs. Indra to have a conversation in English when the lesson takes place. It often made my friends annoyed.

Ahead of the national graduation evaluation exam, I completely missed the passion to learn. The neighbors often make fun of me because my dad is having an affair with Poniti. It was ashamed to have a father like that. But I could not do anything. He also still liked to hit me like when I was a very little kid. Actually, I want to fight, but somehow my energy was gone when faced with him.

My mother was very concerned about my condition. One afternoon while I was sitting daydreaming, she greeted me,

“Did not learn for your National Exam, Mit?.”

“Nope,” I answered.