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God Save The Queen ( Part Four )


All of my friends were mingling at school. The classes where we previously conducted the exams were left blank. They were laughing and tell stories in the schoolyard. I secretly broke away and headed for the classroom where Ira did her evaluation exam. I went to Ira’s desk and examined it. I noticed the names of the test participants there.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Ira’s card was still plugged in at the top right corner of the table. I read it carefully, right, it says, Octavi Laily Irawati. That was Ira’s full name. I looked at the photograph that there. True, it’s Ira’s profile picture. Immediately I reached out my hand and took off the examinees card attached to the table. I took it off carefully, I did not want it to get damaged.

The last remaining glue on the exam card has been released. I looked at Ira’s photo on the exam participant’s card with a victorious smile and satisfaction. I really didn’t know, where can I get such a genius idea like that?. But, indeed I was quite satisfied with my work’s result. I put the exam participant’s card in the pocket and slipped out of the classroom. No one was paying attention to what I’ve done anyway. Again, I smiled satisfied and rejoined my other friends outside the classroom.

A week after, our Junior High School announced the graduation. As we thought, we all graduated successfully. I believed, most of us did have intelligence above average. We were all getting happier, as well as getting sad too. It felt like we would be separated from brothers and sisters. A few days later we signed the Graduation Certificate and received the Pure Final Stage Learning Evaluation Value which would be used to enroll in Senior High School. At that time, that was Indonesian’s Education and Culture Ministry rules to enter the higher education at High School anyway. It’s almost the same rules indeed nowadays.

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