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God Save The Queen (Part Eight)


Father ordered me to enroll in SMAN 6 in Buring Village. Buring Village was indeed close to our residence. He said that having schools everywhere were the same. At that time I believed in my father, years later I learned that my father’s words were big nonsense. I was embarrassed if I continued schooling with my number two sister at the same grade indeed. There were always questions, whether I have ever been passed in class. Even though never did I not pass the class. My sister was the one who jumped from small zero directly to the first grade of elementary school because she managed to read at kindergarten.

My sister obeyed father, she enrolled in SMAN 6 Malang in Buring Village. I wanted to enter SMAN 1 Malang. SMAN 1 Malang, SMAN 4 Malang, and SMAN 3 Malang are in a complex called SMA Tugu because it is close to the monument that was built since the days of the Tumapel Kingdom. The kingdom was demolished by Ken Arok who later founded the Kingdom of Singhasari. The main reason was, that Eyang Kakung or Grandfather, my mom’s father in the Dutch colonial era was schooled there. The second, because I didn’t want to go to the same school with my sister anymore.

Eyang Kakung, when was a teenager, indeed attended Tugu High School, which was formerly named AMS Malang. AMS stands for Algemeene Midlebare School, a senior high school level now. Then he continued to STOVIA in Batavia or Jakarta now. STOVIA was a native medical school founded by the Netherlands. Abbreviation of School Tot Opleiding Van Indische Artsen.

A year at STOVIA, Eyang Kakung felt uncomfortable and did not fit in, and chose to study at TH or the Techniche Hoogeschool which became ITB now, he was majoring in Civil Engineering. Unfortunately, his course was not finished due to war. Grandfather was indeed a noble son in Bangkalan, his native region, because of it, it was easy for him to enter university degree at that time.

When I was going to enroll the Senior High, I said my desire to enter SMAN 1 Malang to father, he twisted his forehead and then says,

“Do you really want to go to SMA 1?” asked him to clarify. SMA 1 or SMAN 1 means First State Senior High School, one of the best high school in Malang City, my hometown.

“I allow you to have your senior high there in one condition. You have to walk to school as if you were in SMA 6,” he said with a frozen and icy face. The face of a cold-blooded murderer.

I imagined a trip of almost ten kilometers from our residence to Tugu High School compound. But I am not desperate. Okay Daddy, I whispered to myself, you sell, I buy cash

“Sure,” I replied shortly.

“Having schooled is jer basuki mawa beya,” said my father theorizing. You are an idiot, again I whispered in my heart.

“Depart to school on foot,” he continued with a sarcastic smile. I just found out that there are humans who are truly cold-blooded like that in the world. And that person is my own father. What on earth he was doing to his own son?