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My First Championship (Part Six)


Now, in big zero grade, I started to get a reading lesson. Unlike most other children which were learning to read using “Ini Budi”s book, we in IKIP Malang Laboratory Kindegarten were using the book to learn to read which titled “Iin and Aan”. The book was authored by Mrs. Prof. Dr. Sapartinah Pakasi. She was the one who founded our school.

At home, learning to read by “Iin and Aan” was again taught by my father. My father was the Deputy Principal in PPSP IKIP Malang Elementary and Junior High School. My sister who was still sitting at small zero grade were learning with me. Dad taught my sister to read so that his daughter was able to pass the qualify to start learning on the elementary school. She could directly jump from small zero to first-grade in the PPSP IKIP Malang Elementary School. Without passing a big zero grade at kindegarten as me.

In the past, in our school to implement an integrated basic education for eight years. That is, in basic education PPSP, we get an education from grade one to grade eight. After graduation, we can go on to high school. If the other school children to get an education from elementary school to junior high school for nine years, we implement enough for eight years.

My sister became prominent during small zero class. She was able to sang songs that has not been taught by the teacher to the children of small zero because often heard me sang at home. In addition, she also quickly learned to read because my father taught her to read at home with me either.

Finally, the ambition of my father actually happened in reality. My sister raised to the same elementary school class with me. My sister entered the first grade at the age of five years. I myself entered the first grade when I was six years old. I entered the I-B class whether she was on I-A class.

pict by Emile Seno Aji


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