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A Wife For Me (Part Five)


Having finished the prayer,I did not take additional pray, or dzikr as usual. I chosed to sit with the campus’ chick on the sofa. She was holding television remote and tried to find an interesting channel. She did it for a couple of time. But eventually she turned off the television. Indeed, there was usually no interesting event on the television at Saturday night like this evening.

“There’s one thing I want to tell you.”

“I’ve been rejected by some of the girls.” I said bluntly.

The girl looked at me deeply. Waiting.

“However, I’m a human being who require a closer friend to share.” I continued.

“Would you married me and we become husband and wife?” I asked her bluntly as well.

The college chick’s girl looked at me as if I was mad. Of course she thinks that I was going to play her, I understood it as much. Though, to be honest my friends, I was very serious and had no plans to play her as well. I’ve repeatedly asked for good girls to marry. As much as I tried to get married as recommended by my religion was, and as much as it was anyway I always denied.

As a civil engineer in my country, Indonesia. I have many friends who work in the same fields. Infrastructures construction. And with my friends I sometimes servicing the projects leader to get the tender. Usually they were from goverment institutions whom giving us the projects to build. Sometimes I found odd tastes of them. For example, having wanted to have sex with a pregnant woman. I was very confusing to find a pregnant woman willing to serve projects leader in exchange for a little pieces of rupiahs from me until I became acquainted with Anton.

Anton was a pimp who had a world wide network of this kind. Finally, he was also found this kind of woman who was asked by Mr. Salman, the project leader. I did not know how come Anton having got my order. Ah, what the hell …. The important thing was the tender was at my hand, even if a few percent of it becomes the right of ownership of Mr. Salman. As I promised him as well. Indeed, this was a common way for government’s officials to get some extra money.

photograph by Eko Eshape


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