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Welcome To My Literary BookShelf


  • beautiful literary of Fermy's Bookshelf

I’d like to dedicate this blog to literary lovers everywhere. This blog mainly has works in the form of prose. The highest achievement of the administrator was winning third place in the Literary Literature Competition (Lomba Sastra Aksara) organized by the Study of Bahasa and Indonesian Literature, Deakin University Melbourne and the Humanities Study Institute, Padang State University which held on 2016. Speaking frankly, I am very proud of this achievement. Even though in the small heart also realized that the journey was still very far and long, winding and winding to become one of the world’s writers.

The work that won the contest titled “Genggamlah Tanganku” which means “Hold My Hands” in English. I intend to upload the work on this blog after completing uploading my first novel “Smiled In A Grief” on this blog.

In fact, writing is always inspiring and challenging to do indeed. Imagination and the wildness of the human mind as “thinking animals” get a healthy distribution place from this writing activity as well. Positively directed wildness makes our soul balanced physically and mentally. Even writing could one of the most effective therapies for souls who experience alienation.

As the administrator of this “Fermy’s BookShelf”, I invite writers, especially novice writers, to give their work on this blog. Let us learn from each other and sharpen our talents on this blog. I’d like to invite the readers to do literary criticism on each piece of work in the comments column.

Last but not least, please enjoy a series of works presented on this website. I hope the works at “Fermy’s BookShelf” have the meaning and beauty that we can enjoy together. Let’s open our eyes to the window of the world, and establish friendships between nations with diverse literature. Warfare only causes misery, but the world of literature makes us stretch our hands to accept others and understand the differences between nations.