Healing Pieter (Part Two)

Mrs. Dewi taught memorizing Al-Fatihah and short surahs. She also taught us reading Tahiyyat Awwal and the Akhir. It’s been used when we were praying five times a day as muslims. Tahiyyat reading was written in a colorful buffalo by Mrs. Dewi’s handwritting herself, one piece for one student. One side for Tahiyyat Awwal reading, and another side for Tahiyyat Akhir reading.

Moeliarta Roekiandari, or commonly called Utje, get cardboard red buffalo, while I get the green. Mrs. Dewi write Tahiyyat reading with her handwriting which was neat and beautiful. Of course we were very happy to get those piece of paper from Mrs. Dewi.

Mrs Dewi Setomi asked us to laminate the buffalo paper. Utje, my friend bench, laminate it with beautiful arches pattern. My mother brought my own to town and get a simple and plain laminating motive. My laminating motive was straight, like most belong to my other friends.

Mrs. Dewi also taught us to pray. She told us to bring prayer rugs and other prayer paraphernalia. After that, she took us to the Masjid Al Falah at Bandung Street, close to our school. Of course, at that time we did not know that prayer mats and prayer gear we brought could be used as a dowry when we got married. Years later after we grew up.

One day, I entered the classroom when my friends were playing on the school yard. In the classroom I met a stranger. The girl was wearing the same uniform as mine and my friends. But we had never met before.

”Are you a new student here,?” I asked.

“Yes,” replied the little girl. The little girl had beautiful eyes. Not round like the eyes of my friend Dewi, but gleaming like a morning star. I immediately liked this timid little girl..

“What’s your name?” I asked as I reached her hand acquainted. “Fiva,”s he replied with a welcoming hand.

“Let’s we play outside,” I invited the timid girl.

Fiva followed my steps out of the classroom. Outside the classroom, she became acquainted with my other friends ther. Apparently she’s also willing to play with the other comrades.

One day at recess, I asked my friend, Bayu. “Bayu, who do you think the prettiest among our friends?.” “Dewi,” said Bayu without hesitation. Then he asked, “Who do you think, Mit?” I was just short retorted, “The same.”

On the other day, I asked Nanda, “Nan, who is the most beautiful of our friends?.” Nanda thought a moment and replied with hesitation, “Dewi.” Then he asked with a view wonder, “Why, Mit?.” I’m just responding shortly, “Nothing.”

(photograph by Emile Seno Aji)

My First Championship (Part One)

Chapter IV

My First Championship

The next day, so did my school also held an event to welcome the anniversary of independence. The teacher organized the sack race event and the eating crackers race for us, the kindegarten students. I include those participating in a race and eliminated in the early rounds, when the sack race was done.

After that, the teacher helped by the school janitor laid several rows of thread in the school yard. The yarn longways length. Then the longways threads was being connected by other shorter. Of the latter is then tied a piece of crackers for each shorter thread. Sound system of schools pounding sound of children’s songs which played in moderate volume.

The teacher turn off the sound system of the school. The atmosphere became so quiet. The morning was so bright. The sun emitted a warm light. Sparrows and church bird chasing above the branches and on the ground. They ate the bread crumbs from my friends brunch. Then, Mrs. Yanizar called us all. TK-1, TK-2 and TK-3 students.

“Come on kids, we gathered on the yard.”

We burst onto the courtyard in front of the school obediently. The teacher set our position so that every child confronted with a chip of crackers. Unforgettable, the teacher set the position of crackers soit was in accordance with our height.

Joshua grinning in front of his white crackers. He was lenghtening his tongue to lick it. Mrs. Yanizar who was adjusting the height of his cracker pulled the thread so it was steeper-high and Joshua’s tongue could not reach. Then they both laughed patter. The whole school affected in a happy feeling.

When all the preparations had been completed, Mrs. Maryam Yusuf gave a brief introduction.

“Children, today we’re going to hold an eat crackers contest. Hands clasped behind your back all. Violators will be disqualified. The winner is the fastest use up his or her crackers .”

She sighed briefly and then move on.

“Are you all ready, kids?.”

“Ready, Ma’am,” we replied bluntly. Daisy frowned and sniffed her crackers. None knew what was in her mind.

“Let’s start now, kids” cried Mrs. Maryam Yusuf ordered to us.

We all start eating our crackers eagerly. The voice of the teachers and the school janitors laughing was heard. They were laughing watching our attitude. The crackers were moving that cause hard to be bitten. I was joking with Meddie and Vita, they were adjacent to me. I did not care whether I will win or not in this contest. So, I just calm down.

The teacher wandered surround us while occasionally clapping or giving spirit. From the side, I saw Mrs. Maryam approached my place nearby. I was not so close to Mrs. Maryam because she taught in TK-2, whereas I was TK-1 students. As I told you before, TK stands for Kindergarten.

“Mimit, your cracker is almost run out. Come Mimit, you could be the first champion,” so screamed Mrs. Maryam startled me out.

pict by Astungkara Wiguna

Enemy Force’s Sudden Attact (Part One)

Chapter III

Enemy Force’s Sudden Attact

As the months passed after my first day of school. I enjoyed my school, my teacher friendliness, and joy to play with my friends. I’ve forgotten my desire to be a crushed gauge driver. However, how dashing were that profession. Back and forth running the cylinder hardening the street.

That time was the rainy season. Some of my friends wear jackets, some wearing sweater for warmth. At that time the city of Malang was still relatively so cold compared with other tropical town. It placed on mountain area. Often I saw the mist when went to school with Mas Tahal.

The atmosphere in the classroom was so glum. Some of my friends sneezing due to colds. The rainy season was so cold this time. We had all frozen in the classroom. In the gloomy atmosphere, suddenly Mrs. Tutik shouted.

“Small zero and big zero”.

We were all ready to listen to the next command from Mrs. Tutik. At the other end of the class seemed Mrs. Yati stood with folded hands which were frozen from the cold. I wore my mother had made knitted sweaters.

“Hands up”. We lift up the hands as Mrs. Tutik demanded. “Hands to the side”. We stretched out our arms to the side of the body, cold burst in my armpits. “Hands forward”, Mrs. Tutik continue. We all were pursuanted to. “Sitting sweet”, and that were her end series of commands. We folded hands on a bench right in front of our chest. We want to know what the next teacher wanted to us.

“Who wants to sing in front of the class?,” pleaded Mrs. Tutik next. We all froze on the bench. Of course we were embarrassed to get this kind of offering by our teacher.

“Did we both have taught enough song to you children?,” said Mrs. Yati. We all, zero small and big zero classes did not dare to move from where we were sitting. Mrs. Yati and Mrs. Tutik has much to teach the song to us. Among them is the “The Rainbow”, “The Fire Ship”, “Riding The Train”, and many more. Especially written by AT Mahmud and Mrs. Sud. The well known children song writer in Indonesia. But singing alone in front of the class was a different matter.

“If no one feel pursuant to sing on front of the class, I will point one of you, children”, said Mrs. Tutik. We were increasingly freezing and fear about.

“Well, I will point one of you then,” said Mrs. Tutik.

“Okay Vita, move forward on front of the class.”

Vita who did not imagine she was going to be called by Mrs. Tutik looked very surprised. Her cheeks flushed like boiled shrimp. Slowly she stood and shuffled forward on front of the class to follow order of Mrs. Tutik. She took place beside Mrs. Tutik.

“What is the song you want to sing, sweety?,” asked Mrs. Yati precede her colleagues.

“The Fire Ship”, Vita said hoarsely.

“Please Vita”, Mrs. Tutik commanded.

Vita sang “The Fire Ship” with timid voice. Her eyes wander sweep the walls of the classroom. She did not dare to look into the eyes of friends who watch in front of her.

“Look at a distant point on the high seas

Increasingly clear shape apparently.

That steamer sailing

White smoke is billowing on the air “

Vitariana has completed the song on front of the class succesfully. Mrs. Tutik asked the audience to clap along. Mrs. Yati looked clapped excitedly. The atmosphere began to change excited. This time Mrs. Yati turned raise voices.

I immediately raised my hand high on the air. I wanted to receive the applause of the class such as Vita. This time I was going to sing a song that had never been taught by our teacher in our classroom. Apparently I would get more lively applause than Vita had. Lest I would even get a magnificent standing ovation.

“Yes Mimit, move forward,” cried Mrs. Tuti with a friendly smile.

“What song are you want to sing , Mit,?” asked Mrs. Tutik.

“Brushing Teeth”, I replied simply. I actually did not know what was the title of the song.

Mrs. Tutik exchanged glances with Mrs. Yati. They had never heard the title of that song before. Moreover had taught the song to their kindegarten students. Their faces looked confused. Similarlywith all my friends, they were equally confused as both of my teacher.

(to be continued)

photograph by Denies Prihantinah Senopranoto

My Mom’s Spell (Part Three)

Mrs. Tutik approached us with wide steps. Arriving in front of us, she cried fiercely.

“Who taught to sing like that?.”

We replied simultaneously, “Rudin, Mrs. Tutik.”

Mrs. Tutik pinched Rudin’s cheeck with exasperation. We did not understand why she get so angry. Rudin crying loudly. Mrs. Tutik seems to have lost patience.

“Who taught you to sing like that Rudin?.”

“Uncle Benny.”

“Who is Uncle Benny?.”

“My father’s brother.”

Mrs. Tutik sighed and then said, “It is, shut up!.” Rudin immediately stop crying. But inevitably he was sobbing too. This Rudin looeds miserable.

“Once again I hear you sing like that, you will be have my detention,” threatened Mrs. Tutik. Then Mrs. Tutik immediately turned and hurried back into the classroom. It looked Mrs. Yanizar, Mrs. Maryam Yusuf and Mrs. Yati welcome her. Apparently they’re want to discuss something.

After the departure of Mrs. Tutik from our front, Rudin startedcrying out loud again. He holded his cheek that had been pinched by Mrs. Tutik. We tried to calm Rudin and persuade hir to stop crying, but apparently we were less successful.

Vita ran from our presence and entered the classroom. Then she came back to us bringing in two pieces of cake of her school supplies. She exerted a piece to Rudin and eat the rest.

“Do not cry Rudin, eat the cake,” so said Vita.

Rudin stopped crying, he still short sobbing occasionally. He watched cake in his hands. But apparently Rudin yet tasteful meal. Cake, I thought. I draw near to Rudin and hoped he courage to share the cake with me.

“Let’s we play swing, Rudin,” I invited him. My eyes were not separated from the cake in Rudin hands.

Rudin shook his head slowly,

“Then, why don’t we play sliding,” I pleaded. Again. Rudin shook his head slowly.

After a long time passed and there was no sign that Rudin would share his cake, I immediately ran to my friends who were playing swinging. I play with them and forget Rudin’s cake.

The bell was pinged again by Mrs. Yanizar, that is to say, it’s time to get into the class back. Some children ran to class, which partly walked pretty slowly. I walked slowly toward the class. Wipe my left elbow with a grimace. Earlier I fell when playing chase with Joshua and Dewi.

I heard the sound of a child running behind. Then the noise stops right side. It happened that he was Rudi Siswandaru. He asked me,

“Mit, Why?.”

“Falling,” I replied shortly.

“Oh,” that was all out of the Rudi’s mouth. Then he running returned to class sticks.

Class was so quiet. I sat in my seat as usual. My seat was green. As usual these days anyway, I sat next to Dewi and Siska. That day Siska had ponytail her hair. Not braided as usual. Her attitude was still bitchy and like pinching. I do not like Siska’s pinched. Sore.

Mrs. Yati distributed colorful carton paper to all of the students. The carton were so width. Then it was my turn to get a piece of carton from Mrs. Yati. She gave me a piece of white cardboard. Actually I wanted to get a red or green carton. But I did not dare to protest to the teacher.

“Children,” said Mrs. Yati to the class, “I will share scissors to you all, I ask you to use it with caution, I did not want anything to be hurt,” said Mrs. Yati.

“Got kids?,”

“Understand Mrs. Yati,” I cried together with all my friends.

(to be continued)

photograph by Astungkara Wiguna

My Mom’s Spell (Part Two)

Vita and Tina seems to have tired of climbing. They descend from the climbing frame with sweat drenching their forehead. Then they sat down on the grass near the climbing frame and talk. I and Joshua joined sitting on the grass listening to their chatter.

“Let’s sing Tin?”, bargain Vita to Tina.

“Come on” replied Tina and Joshua together. I smiled just beside them. I scrathed my hair that did not itch.

“Tell me O carpenter

How do you hit a hammer?

See see my son

Here’s how to hit the hammer “

“Knock knock”, so said Joshua imitate the movement of people who are hammering nails.

Suddenly Rudin moved quickly down from the top of the climbing frame. He joined us in haste. I did not know what he wanted. Olala, … he apparently also wanted to sing. Soon he issued a shrill voice. Here’s singing.

“Tell me, O father’s mother

How do you make me?

See see my son

Here’s how to make you “

We burst out laughing. It was great to listen to songs that taught by the teacher could be modified a little bit. We all stood with enthusiasm and began to sing out loud.

“Tell me, O father’s mother

How do you make me?

See see my son

Here’s how to make you “

Our boisterous singing so that Dewi and Siska which were playing a round stopped playing and came join us.

Some teachers seem peered into their classroom door. Apparently they were confused with the hubbub caused by our singing.

Mrs. Tutik came toward us who are singing near the climbing frame. Strapping pace and in a hurry. We continue to sing.

“Tell me, O father’s mother

How do you make me?

See see my son

Here’s how to make you “

(to be continued)

photograph by Astungkara Wiguna

My Mom’s Spell (Part One)

Chapter II

My Mom’s Spell

The sound of bell brass pinged from a distance by Mrs. Yanizar. All my friends cheered. It was the end of the draw lessons session we have had. One by one or in groups children came forward to collect their drawings. Rudin, one of my collecting images of a lame horse of his work. The horse’s ears like a banana leaf and it’s tail like crocodile. Without realizing it himself, Rudin is a creative child.

Joshua came up to me and see my picture. I’m drawing Reog Ponorogo in action. Reog Ponorogo is a traditional art and recital authentically from Ponorogo, a District in East Java. It had also claimed by Malaysia as their national heritage. I tried to draw a tiger head for that Reog. My tiger head seems too meek and humble. My tiger not seem like a fierce like I’m desiring. Let it be, I thought, next time I can certainly draw a fierce tiger’s head. I scanned that drawing of my Reog Ponorogo with a smile of satisfaction

“Nice drawing Mit”, greeted Joshua. I was surprised to look at him, I thought just only me to know that my tiger’s head too patient. I stared into the eyes of Joshua sharply. Joshua bared his teeth, those white teeth were maintained. I was not able to get angry at Joshua.

“What are you drawing Josh?”, I asked. Joshua tried to hide his drawing behind his back. I sight at a glance of three marbles which were drawn by Joshua. One red, the other green and the other again black. Joshua did suck.

“We collect them together Mit?”, asked Joshua to me. I just nodded short. The two of us then went to Mrs. Yati who sat on the desk in front of the class.

“What were you drawing Josh?”, asked Mrs. Yati on Joshua sweetly .

“Marbles, Mrs. Yati,” he replied.

Mrs. Yati smiled sweetly, as usual, to both of us. Her eyes then turned to me.

“What were you drawing Mit?” asked Mrs. Yati to me.

“Reog Ponorogo, Mrs. Yati”, I replied with a grin.

“Nice drawing Mit”, praised Mrs. Yati. I know, Mrs. Yati just teasing me. My tiger’s head pictures was so patient, should it look fierce tiger. My face hardened. I held back my tears might. We both passed from the presence of Mrs. Yati.

Outside, we both saw the children playing. Boisterous voice. Nurul and Daisy were playing ball jacks on the patio of the school. They are fun to sit on the floor, sometimes audible clink jacks if it falls out of the hands of Nurul or Daisy. Erna and Taufik were squatting watching them played.

We were not interested in playing jacks, so we rushed to the schoolyard to join the children playing there. Round is full, some girls sat on spinning, laughing hysterically. Beside some boys ran holding the round stool that can rotate. It looked Dewi and Siska sitting on the lap.

The available two slides are apparently being sold out. Alternating with the orderly conduct of boys and girls conduct an orderly queue to get a turn gliding from the top slide. Framework climbing no less crowded. Rudin was on top of the climbing frame together with other friends. We decided to join in climbing frame group.

(to be continued)

(photograph by Emile Seno Aji)

“Sepur Tumbuk’s” Driver (Part Five)

“Hands on”, exclaimed Mrs. Yati as she raised her hands above his head. My friends soon mimicked what was done by the teacher. I raised my hand with hesitation.

“Hands to the side”, so then Mrs. Yati ordered to children while giving an example. Deftly then my friends doing what the teacher ordered. Oh, the school is only so simple like this.. so anyway, I thought, if only so easy anyway. I also can. do it with ease.

“Hands down the front”. Soon many little hands outstretched. Ah it is so easy, I thought.

“Sitting sweet”, thus Mrs. Yati command. Friends soon folded hands on a bench and watched Mrs. Yati who was standing in front of the class. I did not get any significant difficulties on this lesson.

Classrooms TK-1 had a light green wall. There are two black chalkboard in front of the class. One for Small Zero and another for the Great Zero class. Colorful benches arranged encircling the class. Red, blue, brown, yellow and green. The pictures on the wall were the work of the students previously installed adorn the walls. Some of them are now sitting in the Great Zero class now. There were pictures of some fish were swimming. One of them had cross-eyed. I felt sorry for the fish.

“Now we learn to sing”, said Mrs. Yati.

“Imitate me, children”.

And we immediately imitate the singing teacher.

“Tell me O carpenter,

How do you hit a hammer?”

See see, my son

Here’s how to hit the hammer “

We all the classmates sing the new song happily. Class Zero Big sing with us. My friends are very happy, as happy as me. I had almost forgotten in my goal to be a crushed.gauge driver.

Then Mrs. Tutik took over the leadership of the class. She taught us Small Zero class another song. Great Zero class seems to have memorized the song, but inevitably they also listened Mrs. Tutik words which was hypnotic.

“Look at a distant point on the high seas

Increasingly clear form apparently

That steamer sailing

White smoke is billowing in the air “

We were singing happily again. Did not feel it was already noon, the sound of bells pinged from another class. Mrs. Yanizar who served to rang the bell to get in, break and disperse the class.

That afternoon I went home with a good cheer feeling. That is my first day of school.

pict by Emile Seno Aji

“Sepur Tumbuk’s” Driver (Part Four)

“Mimit, Mimit, what’s for you are climbing that tree?.”

“Come down and join your friends,” cried Mrs Yati from the front door of the class. Apparently she realized that had lost one of her students after a long time.

I said nothing and did not move from where I was perched on the tree. Mrs. Yati immediately back into the class. The door kept open. Not long after, she came out with a female student. My God, apparently she was a girl with so white skin and waist-length hair that caught my attention earlier.

“Come on Vita, go invite Mimit to class”, commanded the teacher at the little girl.

“Mit, let’s go to class”, exclaimed Vita from under the tree. His eyes were clear, though narrow, she had reddish lips. That rosy lips were smiling friendly.

Reluctantly I moved down from the tree. I’m happy to be friends with the Vita, but I’m sad being loss of my dream to be a sepur tumbuk’s driver.

“Please guide your friend to class, Vita” pleaded Mrs. Yati on Vita.

Vita was a good girl. She managed to follow the command of the teacher. She handed my wrist and clutched tightly. Then the waist-haired little girl led me to enter the classroom.

Bizarre. At that time, that I just was willing to betowed by Vita to enter the classroom. Really like buffalo led by it’s nose. Always so perhaps the effect of the girls on the boys. Even though for the girls and boys under the age.

I entered the classroom along with Vita. Mrs. Yati then told me to sit on a bench arranged in circle. I was sitting close to a beautiful little girl with short hair. Her eyes were round, it’s beautiful. It turned out that the girl was named Dewi. She wore a ribbon on her hair. The ribbon tied interestingly. There are beads bright red around his neck. It is so beautiful.

Next to me on another bench was also a little girl. Her eyes looked very fierce and unfriendly. His body seemed to be higher than most other little girls. She has long hair braided in two. At the base of the hair braids there were red ribbon tied in a simple way. Indeed, if her mouth was not pursed like it, she was really beautiful. At first glance, I thought about a picture of a witch in a fairy tale book belongs to my cousin. The witch was tall, thin and holding a broom. Hhiiii, …. I shudder.

“Little zero “, the sound of Mrs. Yati suddenly heard. We all listened as enchanted. Big zero great class was in Mrs. Tutik’s drawing lessons.

(to be continued)

(phothograph by Evy Sofia)

“Sepur Tumbuk’s” Driver (Part Three)

I held out my hand to Mrs. Tutik as I reached out my hand to shake hands with Yati earlier. Again, I cone my mouth in front of my mother.

“Dear me, you are very handsome,” said Mrs. Tutik and pinched my cheek.

“Just like his father,” she continued.

“My son is more handsome ,” my mother protested.

They all laughed uproariously. I do not understand what they were laughing about.

“Who is the eminent primacy sires,” said Mrs. Yati glancing at my mother. Again the three of them chuckled. I still do not understand what they were talking about.

In conversations and boisterous voices of children playing at the schoolyard, suddenly heard the bell was rung by a teacher dressed in black with a foliage pattern of dark blue and green. A few days later I learned that her name was Mrs. Yanizar.

Mrs. Yati and Mrs. Tutik said goodbye to my mother. They quickly gathered their young students to enter TK-1 classrooms. TK stands for Taman Kanak-Kanak in Bahasa which means Kindegarten in English. Bustling noise of children eagered to enter the classroom. Mom came over and looked down.

“When the time to go home come, Mom will waiting at Pak Slamet’s home “, she message me. She showed a cottage at the other end of a walkway leading to the school. There are two houses there. The house were for carers and the school janitor.

My mother immediately walked towards the house that had been designated herself. My number two’s sister followed her. My number three’s brother was still sleeping soundly in my mother’s arms.

School grounds immediately deserted. I did not move from where I stood. From a distance I saw her chatting with Mrs. Upik, she was Pak Slamet’s wife. Then they rushed into the house. Mother immediately vanished from my sight. And I was alone in the yard.

I looked at the school yard with curiousity, there are two great rounds to play turn-round. To complete it, there are three swings and two slides and a climbing frame of iron. At that time, probably my kindergarten was kindergarten with the best facilities on Malang City. To enter first grade of PPSP IKIP Malang, we should able to read. This condition were not found on other schools.

Most of schools gave lessons of reading at the first grade. English Lessons were given in the fourth grade of primary school. At that time English teaching was typically given for the students on first grade of Junior High. Science lessons were divided into Biology and Physics Lessons on the fourth grade also. And we have Trade Administration Lesson in the fourth grade again.

I’ve already told my mom that I did not go to school. I did not want my chance to be a sepur tumbuk driver will be disappeared. Therefore, I was unwilling to enter the class followed Mrs. Yati and Mrs. Tutik. I did not know what to do now in my loneliness, so I moved closer to a tree and climbed it.

From the top of the tree, I watched Pak Slamet’s home again from a distance. Breeze gently rubbed my little body. Noise of leaves and branches rustled the sound of breeze. Sunlight shadow on the leaves and stems of the trees I’d climbed forming sweet shadow-shaped circles. I did enjoyed it.

Suddenly I heard the sound of a hand-clap loudly patted.

(to be continued)

pict by Astungkara Wiguna

“Sepur Tumbuk’s” Driver (Part Two)

Row of shade trees in front and behind us chasing slowly. The trees were moving closer and away, we were riding in a rickshaw along the way yo my first school. Trees that shading the passers-by were mostly tamarind. There are also some accacia trees. After a while we’ve entered Jalan Jakarta. That is, we’ve almost reached our destination. Laboratory Kindergarten IKIP Malang.

The most interesting thing about my city’s pedicab is the bell mounted on the steering handlebars. The bell is made of an iron ring for three quarters of an adult fist. Attached to the steering handlebars using the rickshaw tire pieces cut out to form a ribbon. If pedicab driver want to ring the bell, he would pinch the metal ring that emits a vibration “therrr, … therrr” which was very typical. It was an incredible horn. Creativity of Indonesian, no other countries could imitate it.

After paying the cost, my mother took my sister and guided me to meet my first teachers. We walked slowly approached the classroom. There are two local places of learning in that school complex which belong to IKIP Malang. First local for kindergarten and another local for grade one elementary school students in PPSP IKIP Malang.

One local was for TK-1, TK-2 and TK-3, and another local which was located opposite to them was for the student of class 1A, 1B and 1C SD PPSP IKIP Malang. Higher class located on another complex in Jalan Magelang Number Four. Also owned by IKIP Malang.

I saw a lot of kids of my were playing in the school yard. I want to burst join to play with them. But I’m ashamed to my mother as already told her that I did not want to go to school. I want to be a sepur tumbuk driver. And being sepur tumbuk driver does not need school. I cone my mouth in front of my mother.

“Oooooh, … that’s Mimit come,” said a teacher. Her flawless sweet and petite. I wonder how come she knew my name.

“Come Mit, Give your hands to Mrs. Yati,” my mother commanded me sweetely. I cone my mouth in front of my mother again.

Ooooh,so her name was Mrs. Yati, I thought. Mrs. Yati approached us and chatted with my mother. Adult conversation. I had absolutely no interest.

I noticed my surroundings, my eyes glued to a little girl on my age. She has waist long hair. His eyes were narrow and had very white skin. The girl was really very charming. Finished playing swinging then she played a round with other friends. She laughed happily. I wanted to play with her, but I hesitated. I turned towards my mother who was talking with Mrs. Yati sadly and desperate. But my decision was obvious. I do not go to school because my goal was to be sepur tumbuk driver. And sepur tumbuk driver does not need school.

In the hubbub of children playing on the school yard, suddenly appeared another teacher from a classroom. The teacher was tall and beautiful, but her face looked a bit stiff. She was soon joined to my mother and Mrs. Yati.

“Mrs. Toha, how are you?,” she said to my mother.

“I’m fine, Mrs Tutik, I should get my child to go to school,” my mother replied.

“Here Mit, shake hands with Mrs. Tutik,” called my mother.

I immediately met the three of them. I already noticed in other place that many groups of mothers were hospitable. There are six teachers on Laboratory IKIP Malang. Two teachers handled a class. A teacher for the small zero class and another for big zero class. So the class room is shared for small and big zero. In TK-1, Mrs. Yati dutied for small zero class and her colleague, Mrs. Tutik teaching for big zero class. Thus the division of labor between them an the first year I’d entered school.

pict by Emile Seno Aji