City’s Chess Champion (Part Nine)

It seemed not. This time the opponent’s King would not likely to have broken away. But to implement it, my Queen should be prepared first on the right place as well. I took the insertion step. As there was no meaning, but that step would appear to be beneficial on steps forward after mine Knight sacrificing.

It was happening that Mas Pulung might not read my step. It seems that he enjoys the his own pieces superiority. Then Mas Pulung classmate came across our desk.

“How is it going, Lung?,” he greeted to his classmate on the match.

“Yet nothing has already won a pawn,” replied Mas Pulung while showing the piece taken from our chess board.

It seems that Mas Pulung underestimated me. Soon you will excel even one officer Mas Pulung, I whispered far from my heart. I sacrifice my horse as it has been planned before. My horse did check to the Mas Pulung King. Had he just moved his King and not take it using a pawn, then his King can still be saved, though his position was extremely destroyed.

Mas Pulung appeared surprised by my step to sacrifice my Knight. He already knows that I was not a stupid player. He paid attention to all over the battlefield, his eyes appeared to be wavering. With hesitation, he took my Knight. A pawn that killing the Knight was leaving his position and pave the way for my Queen from the rear for forward diagonally did checkmate. In that way the Queen should be guarded by another horse that already left.

I move my another Knight left to kill a pawn who slaughtered my horse. Mas Pulung raised my horse who managed to slaughter and shown it with friend who greeted him.

“Now we have the Knight instead.”

They laughed out loud together.

City’s Chess Champion (Part Eight)

The referee signaled to start the match. Mas Pulung moved his King pawn. I responded with similar step. Then, Mas Pulung moved his King Knight. Now it’s depended on me how the game would ongoing. Whether I answer with my King Knight, then the game would use the Russian Opening, whereas when I answer with my Queen Knight, Kb8-c6, then the game would use the format of Espanol or Spain Opening, which also known as the Ruy-Lopez Defense.

The Spain Opening was more profitable the white players. But I was indeed used to doing the game with this Ruy-Lopez Opening, and already memorized with its gimmick. With this opening, my mad ideas often appeared and made the opponent’s game collapsed. But this time my opponent was Mas Pulung, and I hold the black pieces.

I weigh up with doubt. But soon I took decisions. I took the risk and responded with a ledge Kb8-c6. The opening of Ruy-Lopez, meaning that I let Mas Pulung took over the game initiative. Mas Pulung drew breath and carry on playing.

In the middle of the game I try to make a gambling. I would sacrifice my pawn to take over the game’s initiative. But I know, my opponent this time was Mas Pulung, the champion juvenile of the municipal level of the Malang City. Perhaps he already knew this gimmick. I moved my pawn and shrugged. I only tried having an effort.

Mas Pulung took my pawn and we exchange pawns. My two pawns were only rewarded with a pawn. I was now taking over the game initiative. My position was now much better as well. After a few steps, I suddenly saw a hole in the Mas Pulung’s defense.

I would be offering a Knight to Mas Pulung. Obviously it was a poisonous Knight. If Mas Pulung accepted it, then in three steps, then I would be able to make a decisive checkmate as well. Once the check and Mas Pulung jump to the mat. But I should be counting closely. Lest anyone escape from my attention and it turned out that Mas Pulung’s King could still break away.