Enemy Force’s Sudden Attact (Part Five)

Our laughter had not have finished yet, suddenly, the leader of the group of monks shouting gives the cue again.

“Not showers.”

“What a smeeeeeellllll.”

We came to laugh out loud once more. Tum Mak pursue her fringe which rolling into the middle of the street. She chased the railing as she giggled. Apparently, it was railing separated from her mouth when laughing earlier. We all rejoice in the whole village that morning.

After watching independence’s carnival, Yanto, the son of a neighbor, invited me to watch a game of transvestites volleyball in a neighboring village. We went along with Pieter, his brother. Once there, it seems the game has already begun. Crowded people were watching. We heard hem to laugh. We quickened our steps toward the field.

Arriving at the volleyball court, the three of us took the pole spot near the net. The umpire asked us to step back and the three of us in accord with him. The players in a game of volleyball was upper average beautiful face, but their bodies were stocky and muscular.

One or two people from the volleyball players we watched was apparently good at playing. While most others apparently just to enliven it. If there is any batted ball misses, or the ball hit on their bodies, they would scream hysterically.



So always heard their cried when the oncoming ball. The audience laughed.

Suddenly there was a tosser pass the ball quite pretty. The ball was apparently quite convenient to reach by fellow team-mate to smash. Player who will smash it was the player with long hair and a beautiful face. He immediately shouted with enthusiasm. His voice was heavy and steady. Typically male.

“Yesss !.”

He jumped high and smash the landslide. Opposing players are trying to reach the ball that came rushing it through backward made. We the audience back to laugh.

Day was about the evening when I return home. At home I met my mother who was making a cross-stitch of colorful wool yarn. Mother looked up and greeted me as I passed through the door.

“Where are you from, Mit ?.”

“Watched a transvestite volleyball,” I replied.

Mother wrinkled her eyes and responded, “What a shame,” but inevitably her lips flashed a smile.

pict by Emile Seno Aji

Enemy Force’s Sudden Attact (Part Four)

This was seventeenth day of August, the day of independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Throughout the city decorated with magnificent and glory. Penjor and banners placed around the road. Red and white flag fluttering in front of every residents home. That day in my village would be a parade around the village. We called it carnival. I and all my friends on our hutment have been waiting this carnival since early in the morning. Mak Tum, my neighbor had also set out to the roadside to watch. She was out of the house while fixing her saggy batik’s skirt. Big black fringe perched on her red-hot mouth.

Behold, the leading group on the parade were in the distance. People who watched from the roadside poked his head curiously. The delegation for the sake of the group passed in front of us. A group featuring role as perpetrators of health workers. Some are dressed as doctors, nurses and medical orderlies. Uncle To, meatballs itinerant traders in our village lined with alma mater jacket were we did not know he borrowed from whom.

Uncle To, or completely Uncle Tohari had a desire to be a college student. The desire was never accomplished because he did not have enough for college costs. Often, he said that only when the independence day’s parade his ideals could be realized.

There were installing a wooden plank stemmed labeled “Contraception Tools”. Behind him was a girl who carry large replicas syringe. Besides, she was lining up with a young man carrying a long pole. At the end of the pole hung a used motorcycle shockbreaker. Underneath the top, there was a paper that reads ‘IUD’.

Behind him, there is a group of religious harmony in Indonesia. Someone with the role of Mr Kyai wore the green turban. He was wearing a black glass eyes. Some were dressed as priests, also clad Catholic priests and nuns. They were all grinning, waving toward the spectators on the roadside.

Behind it, there was the group of Buddhist monks who line up neatly. There are twelve false monks. At the front of the group there was someone who apparently was the leader of that unique group. His clothes look like the clothes of a martial arts champion, but we never knew from what dojo. He brought a bronze bowl. That caught my attention was, among the group of monks was Mr. Sa’ie, he was janitor at my school. His head was shaved like the others.


Suddenly the monk group leader struck bronze bowl brought by a small iron rod. His voice was high-pitched and carries a certain impression somewhat mystical. Then he shouted as giving the cue to all his men,



Thus the answered of monks entourage behind him with a deep and heavy voice. I saw Mr. Sa’ie is one of the marchers who took to answer. His face was very serious. He had not have grin expression of his face, also the faces of other monks. We were all the audience burst into long laughter out loud.

pict by Astungkara Wiguna