Here’s The Circumcision’s Pain (Part Ten)

Psychopathy is a complex psychiatric disorder. They were actually mad, but life as a normal person. Life and can adapt to the surroundings harmoniously, and conceal his crimes. So little I know Psychopathy at that time. I did not want to make my wife and my children miserable.

By walking, I headed to Saiful Anwar Hospital from school. I asked for permission to Ms. Arimami for treatment purposes. I confessed dizziness. Ms. Arimami probably presumed me went to Polyclinic Malang Teachers’ Training College. When in fact, I went to Saiful Anwar Hospital to see a psychiatrist.

I headed for the registration booth and paid the treatment cost. Then I was asked by the clerk at the registration booth, I wanted to going to what polyclinic ?.

“Psychiatry or Mental Polyclinic, Ma’am.”

The clerk at the counter was surprised at me. In front of him was a junior high school boy in blue uniforms and white. He was only twelve years old. Still grade six PPSP Malang Teachers’ Training College Junior High, in accordance with the student card that I used to register.

“Where boy ?,” She asked, not sure.

I repeat my answer steadily,

“Psychiatry or Mental Polyclinic, Ma’am.”

Woman clerk at the counter was shaking her head as if to dislodge something bothering. Maybe she was having a nightmare, and what she faced today is not a real state. It’s so perhaps conceived in her mind.

I got a Medication Card with a register number in it. Written there my register number, 775 / PSK. I managed to remember that number because it coincided with my school identification number. Since entering Laboratory Teachers’ Training College Malang Kindegarten, I had identification number 775. Incidentally, the my number was both the same. So I always remember.

After registering and paying the cost of treatment, I headed to the post of security guard post to ask where Psychiatry Polyclinic was. Security showed me the location of Psychiatry or Mental Polyclinic kindly. I did look as cute and innocent junior high boy. As I told you anyway, my age was twelve years old. Just as the sixth grade age on elementary schools in other places.

photograph by Astungkara Wiguna

Here’s The Circumcision’s Pain (Part Two)

Thus, finally my younger sister and I both entered to the sixth grade. We became the Junior High School level students, and changed into a blue and white uniforms. Just like most other junior high kids uniform along the country. My sister entered 6B class and I was on 6A class.

School was deliberately never put my sister and me in the same class since we both entered the first grade. It was carried out by the school to keep my psychological condition. I was always considered inferior to my younger sister. If my psychological condition was destroyed out of school due to my father’s behavior, it was already beyond the responsibility of our school. So that all I could think to this day.

We would have no longer moved to other class till eighth grade. Our class members would be fixed and not changed. I was going up to class 7A and 8A, while my sister would be up to class 7B and 8B. I did not know why the school uses this system. Perhaps it’s easier for us to adapted. Our friends managed to stay in one class, we did not need time to adapt to the new class atmosphere. A new classroom atmosphere would encountered when members of our class changed. We would concentrate to absorb the lessons in school. Maybe that was the assumption of our school. Who knows?

Entering the sixth grade, I was immediately circumcised by my father. He signed me up as a mass circumcision participant performed by Malang Teachers’ Training College. Of course free. My father bought a nice new batik shirt. That’s the only shirt that my father bought for me along attending school. Other clothes were second-hand clothes from families who live on others cities. My father did not want to spend too much money for his children. For him, it was wasting money. It was different thing of course if he was dealing with affairs that lined.

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness (Part Five)

And thus, we brought spoons, forks, erasers, rulers, up umbrellas to school when attending English at the next session. Each student brought one item to all items requested. Some kids brought real umbrellas. But many kids carrying an umbrella image on a poster board, such as Mrs. Indra had been ordered before. Similarly, for watches. Watches were still a luxury for most of us.

The day for English lessons coming, our classrooms become as refugee camps. The sound of spoons and forks clinking in our bags, the students of Mrs. Indra. Many children carry large-sized umbrella belonging to his parents to the school. Hence the classroom to be like barracks of world’s war refugees.

The lesson had begun yet. Mrs. Indra unfurled a chart, bearing the image of the goods that we brought to school. We began singing with enthusiasm, she pointed to each picture with a wooden ruler presented in the classroom.

Boys and girls look at the chart, Can you tell me what these are? It’s a book, we show books we brought to Mrs. Indra. It’s a pen, we showed ballpoints we brought to Mrs. Indra. It’s a pencil, we showed our pencils. And a key, we brought assortments of keys. A friend of mine brought door’s padlock as well, apart from that there was a friend who bring a bike lock. It’s a watch, we held up watches we brougt to Mrs. Indra, there were also friends who simply show picture of watches which she or he made themselves at home on a piece of poster board. I belonged to students who brougt these images rather than bringing the original object. It’s a ruler and a comb, we showed the usual ruler we used at school and comb that we brought from home.

Of the comb I had brought, stormed several pieces of dandruff because I have not had time to wash the brush before I brought to school to fulfill Mrs. Indra’s asking to. It’s a brush, eraser, fox, we all demonstrated regular toothbrushes we used at home, and erasers that we used at the school to Mrs. Indra. Then we immediately issued a fork that we borrowed from our mothers at home.

picture by Denies Priantinah

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness (Part Three)

In the fourth grade, we started getting Book Keeping and Trade Calculating lessons. The teachers is Mr. Isgianto. We call him Mr. Is only. I was starting felt a difficulties about this lesson. Whereas my math’s mark was always great indeed. I was usually confused to distinguish between Debit and Credit. Usually I made mistakes when I load Debit and Credit columns. Every time when getting Book Keeping and Trade Calculating lesson, we always calculate profit and loss balance point of Stall “Somewhat” and Shop “That” with Mr. Isgianto. Complete with it’s ledgers and journals as well.

Anyway, science lesson was split into two. Namely Phisics with Mrs. Fauziah and Biology with Mr. Wartono. Mr. Wartono was very patient when teaching, we all take seriously when he was teaching. We also started to memorize the Carolus Linnaeus’s Binomial Nomenclature at this time. I love this lesson. I always remember that the Latin name for teak tree is Tectona grandis, and the Latin name for the protected Sumatran tiger is Panthera tigris sumatrae.

I also remember that Mr. Wartono said that the Latin name for domestic cats are Felis domesticus. I had asked Mr. Wartono on the Latin name for the chicken. He replied that the it was Gallus domesticus. I am easily memorize the Latin names for the Animal Kingdom and the Plantae Kingdom with this Mr. Wartono. I liked him very much. Biology always amusing indeed.

Above all, we also get English lessons starting from this fourth grade. We were taught by Mrs. Indrawati. We called her Mrs. Indra. She was my favorite teacher besides Mrs. Etty Ratnawaty, my homeroom teacher on second grade. She was similar to Mrs. Etty in terms of rigor and discipline. Our lessons were very enjoyable. Like the kindergarten children, Mrs. Indra taught us to sing a few children’s songs of. The difference was, now we sing in English instead of Bahasa.

When taught names of the day in English, Mrs. Indra taught us to sing like this,

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday,
Friday, Saturday
Oh, those are the days of the week.

photograph by Astungkara Wiguna

My First Championship (Part Six)

Now, in big zero grade, I started to get a reading lesson. Unlike most other children which were learning to read using “Ini Budi”s book, we in IKIP Malang Laboratory Kindegarten were using the book to learn to read which titled “Iin and Aan”. The book was authored by Mrs. Prof. Dr. Sapartinah Pakasi. She was the one who founded our school.

At home, learning to read by “Iin and Aan” was again taught by my father. My father was the Deputy Principal in PPSP IKIP Malang Elementary and Junior High School. My sister who was still sitting at small zero grade were learning with me. Dad taught my sister to read so that his daughter was able to pass the qualify to start learning on the elementary school. She could directly jump from small zero to first-grade in the PPSP IKIP Malang Elementary School. Without passing a big zero grade at kindegarten as me.

In the past, in our school to implement an integrated basic education for eight years. That is, in basic education PPSP, we get an education from grade one to grade eight. After graduation, we can go on to high school. If the other school children to get an education from elementary school to junior high school for nine years, we implement enough for eight years.

My sister became prominent during small zero class. She was able to sang songs that has not been taught by the teacher to the children of small zero because often heard me sang at home. In addition, she also quickly learned to read because my father taught her to read at home with me either.

Finally, the ambition of my father actually happened in reality. My sister raised to the same elementary school class with me. My sister entered the first grade at the age of five years. I myself entered the first grade when I was six years old. I entered the I-B class whether she was on I-A class.

pict by Emile Seno Aji