A Wife For Me (Part Six)

“Well then,” said Anton enthustiastic that time when I tell him that this time I was looking for a prostitute for myself. “As a man, eventually you have to feel the warm and how interesting the titillate smell of a woman as well,” he continued. “I thought you were not normal,” he said and laughed. “It turns out you also hooked heh ….” He bursted out laughing. I was annoyed because not find any funny aspects of my request to him. I really intended to find a wife indeed in this way. I was having tried ordinary ways to have it. At the ends, I was refused and rejected again and again.

It was an event a week ago. Through the mediation of Anton finally I met with this girl. And I fell in love at first sight. After the afternoon this day she knocked on my door. Speaking frankly I like her shyly smile.

“I’ll take over all your college funds and allowance as well,” I told her symphatically.

“As long as you are willing to be my wife.”

It was very clear that she was anxious. Shake her shoulders and lifted up her gorgeous face. She looked at the thick carpeted ground floor rooms. Carpet that cover the wood floor had very interesting pattern. Instead of teakwood or ceramics, but wood of coconut trees, it called glugu in Javanese. Her eyes stared wistfully underfoot. It appears that she really hesitated. Oh God, how I wanted to kiss her wet lips. I’ve never kissed a girl anyway. I tried to encourage my heart indeed.

“I never believe in men, moreover trust them as well”

“It’ll be the time you are definitely going to leave,” she continued.

I tried to give her understanding. “Ah, not all men,” I tell her. And we both burst out laughing. That phrase was exactly the same as the title of the old songs sung by Basofi Sudirman. The former governor of East Java, Indonesia.

pict by Astungkara Wiguna

A Wife For Me (Part One)

A Wife For Me

A Short Story by Fermy Nurhidayat

The girl got up from the chair that has been occupied for a couple of time. Her tight pants was so clearly visible on both my eyes. The eyes of a man who had a normally lust. I was tempted to do something to her. Silhouette was extremely tempting. However, I had to pay for this overnight.

“So, what do you want from me?”, she asked.

“We just talk”, I replied.

The woman laughed. “You’re funny,” she said later. Rows of white teeth implies that the tooth was treated well. “What’s so funny?,” I asked then after the laughter subsided. Expand my friendly smile. “You’re not like any other man I know,” she said afterwards. Again my smile slowly expanded.

I happened to remember the events about ten years ago. A girl was also said to me like that. Ah, … It had been very long time ago. A girl from the Faculty of Dentistry. We’re good friends and she had been patching some of my teeth on Dental Conservative Laboratory. She asked me to do that after complaining about my perforated teeth to her.

Stories become a short romantic story afterwards. I used to visit her so often to her boarding house to discuss various things. It’s start from personal life to the story of the political conditions in our country, Indonesia. That short love story then did not continue after I knew that Wilma, the dentistry’s girl, also had been being visited by other students. Most of them were people of the Graduate Program on University of Gadjah Mada, our university. I become reluctant to prolonge the relationship.

“You’re obviously a rare man,” said Wilma when we rest in the courtyard of Dental Conservation Laboratory which was filled with Dentistry students. Most of them chatting on spare time before being commanded entered by the laboratory supervisor. Promptly at nine in the morning.

“What rare?” I asked her.

“You’re not like any other man I know,” said Wilma later. She laughed, showing a row of white teeth at me. Just like the girl in this hotel room. Ten years later.