Teens Love Romantism (First Part)

Chapter X

Teens Love Romantism

After that event, I became more and more famous in the game of chess at school. Indeed, there to develop my playing by studying the chess literature of my father had. Indeed, there was no good chess literature in Indonesia at that time, maybe even now. That’s why I learned it in the wrong way.

I studied chess from the opening. I imitated some variants from there. Indeed, I did not yet understand the steps. Why did the steps in the theory were chosen instead of other steps, for example. I did not know the purposes of the steps I have imitated. Finally, my game got messed up. I often made blunders when playing this game with my friends. My once pithy step became lost, so the mad ideas in this game became meaningless as well.

Eventually, I became easily defeated by my friends. My game becomes no different from them. The result was, I was being lazy to continue my this one hobby because often lost indeed. Even by players who had just gotten to know the game of chess.

I knew why my playing was going down that time. That’s because I studied this chess from the opening. Reversely, I should have learned it from the end game. For example, did the opponent give up in three steps with certain pieces. Also the other end games. Then just continued to learn the opening and mid game. Thus, I would know why a step was chosen in the variants of this chess theory. I’d been easier to visualize it.

When I have children in the future, and he and she is interested in this game, I will train him and her in this way. I think, it’s a lot and easy to get good chess literature from abroad. I will collect the end game positions, and solve the problem as a game for me and my children at the spare time. When it is enough to master the final game, then learn the middle game with its strategies and opening game and its variants.

City’s Chess Champion (Part Five)

“Draw,” said my father.

“There is no one to win and no one to lose,” he continued.

“You’re great, Mit.”

“No one can beat Father at school,” said my father afterwards.

My father was fond of this game, and he was telling the truth that all his teacher’s friends of our school couldn’t beat him. Indeed, he was telling the truth.

After the once stalemate game, then my skill on playing chess seemed to be unstoppable again. During the four next parties I only lost once when playing with father. Because him feel tired, then he stopped the game and invited me to play chess again on the next day. I was excited because could play together with Yanto and Pieter outdoors on that day.

The next day, my father invited to play chess again. This time, ten parties, and I won all of them. My father shook his head. He felt very curious about how I played. But he should go out because had to give private lessons outside of school hours. He did indeed get extra money by giving private lessons outside of school.

Day after day passed. One day I could play ten to fourteen parties against my father. I won all of the games. Sometimes my dad won two or three parties only. I became popular in schools in this game, and some teachers who were curious invited to play chess against them./p>

I served their the game at the school. And indeed none were able to beat me. The defeat of chess playing of my teachers was usually very bad. Their chess pieces until running out eliminated from table games. Eventually they no longer dared to invite me to play chess again, probably because according to them it was just only making shame as well. If losing by my father might still be able to accept, but lost by a grade two or three elementary school student in this game was obviously difficult by them to receive with ease.

My First Championship (Part Five)

We still did not understand fully what was said by Mrs. Yati. But we did not know anymore, what should we ask to Mrs. Tutik and Mrs. Yati, therefore we were all felt silent with their description.

Lessons were ongoing as usual. Small zero singing taught by their teacher Mrs. Tutik. Occasionally we sang along with them while we were preoccupied with drawing lessons. Nothing special that day, except for the news of Rudin we had received from Irvin and Nenen, Nur Aini Hidayati, who lives in a same residential complex with Rudin.

After school I was invited by Nenen to play to her house. Her house was in IKIP Malang lecturers residential complex. Nenen’s father was a lecturer there. I told Mas Tahal to pick me up from Nenen’s house after the afternoon. Mas Tahal only grin and nodded. He was often asked by Nenen’s mother to clean up his yard. So he knew where Nenen lived.

My sister Hany, already went home first. She had had ridden by bicycles by Mas Toha, Mas Tahal’s younger brother. Earlier in the class, Hany sang “Carpenter” alone in front of the class. She memorized the song because I used to sing it at home. The whole class clapped their hands for Hany’s repertoire.

“Let’s play,” said Nenen on me, Meddie and Siska.

We certainly joyed at Nenen’s house. We disassembled the entire Nenen’s tools game and play it together. When lunch time had come, Nenen’s mother told us to had lunch at her home.

Day shortly become after afternoon when Mas Tahal picked me up from Nenen’s house. I still wanted to stay because Siska and Meddie has not picked up to go to their home. But Mas Tahal forced me to return home. Suddenly, household assistant at Nenen’s home screamed, clutching her head.

“Oh, what a mess.”

“This house like a shipwreck.”

“It is a house or a moved kindergarten ?,” she exclaimed angrily.

The environment of Nenen’s house barely was a mess. The whole games equipment was issued and the game was have been played. A small piano laid on the coffee table. Broom fibers perched in Nenen’s grandma rocking chair. Everything was chaotic and jumbled.

Nenen’s mother appeared and asked Ms. household assistant to clean the house that we had been messed. Similarly, she told us to help to clean up the tools that we used to play.

“You are all playing, then you must take them of,” said Nenen’s mother.

Finally, Mas Tahal was waiting me to participating on the game instrument clearing at Nenen’s house. On the road, while pedaling slowly, he still scolded me for making a mess to someone else’s home.

“It’s OK if you play, but you shouldn’t do like that again.”

(photograph by Astungkara Wiguna)