God Save The Queen ( Part Four )

All of my friends were mingling at school. The classes where we previously conducted the exams were left blank. They were laughing and tell stories in the schoolyard. I secretly broke away and headed for the classroom where Ira did her evaluation exam. I went to Ira’s desk and examined it. I noticed the names of the test participants there.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Ira’s card was still plugged in at the top right corner of the table. I read it carefully, right, it says, Octavi Laily Irawati. That was Ira’s full name. I looked at the photograph that there. True, it’s Ira’s profile picture. Immediately I reached out my hand and took off the examinees card attached to the table. I took it off carefully, I did not want it to get damaged.

The last remaining glue on the exam card has been released. I looked at Ira’s photo on the exam participant’s card with a victorious smile and satisfaction. I really didn’t know, where can I get such a genius idea like that?. But, indeed I was quite satisfied with my work’s result. I put the exam participant’s card in the pocket and slipped out of the classroom. No one was paying attention to what I’ve done anyway. Again, I smiled satisfied and rejoined my other friends outside the classroom.

A week after, our Junior High School announced the graduation. As we thought, we all graduated successfully. I believed, most of us did have intelligence above average. We were all getting happier, as well as getting sad too. It felt like we would be separated from brothers and sisters. A few days later we signed the Graduation Certificate and received the Pure Final Stage Learning Evaluation Value which would be used to enroll in Senior High School. At that time, that was Indonesian’s Education and Culture Ministry rules to enter the higher education at High School anyway. It’s almost the same rules indeed nowadays.

City’s Chess Champion (Part Seven)

Teachers and friends crowded in a room watching the match. They wanted to see how the course of match between me with Mas Pulung.

Chairman of our chess class group was me, I conferred with the Chairman of the squad of 7B class. There was Mas Pulung who held the post of the Chairman of our opponent group. Mas Pulung invited me to select the pieces would be matched whether the first player played white or black pieces. Mas Pulung was very confident. He is very confident of being able to beat me even though he held the black pieces.

The second player in my squad wanted to hold of white pieces. He insisted to hold that pieces because that’s his chance of winning the match. Obviously our class will lose out, as there would be two players who play with black pieces on our squad. Me and the third player. The third player on my chess class group was very annoyed because it’s remarkable that he would hold of the black pieces. But he couldn’t do anything because his playing quality was indeed under our second player.

I succumbed. Me as the first player having held the black pieces. Mas Pulung somewhat surprised by my decision. But then he shrugged and began putting his chess pieces on the game table.

Mas Pulung composing his chess pieces very quickly. I frankly was rather nervous indeed. Inside I blasphemed decision of my second cast, my who insisted on holding the white pieces. Whereas, the Mas Pulung class had already succumbed to let us take the decision.

Mas Pulung helped me to compile my chess pieces on the game table. The atmosphere became tense and fuss. The referee asked the audience to calm down. The eighth grade class who has been defeated by Mas Pulung and his friends also seem to watch. They’re still curious about Mas Pulung with his friends games in their group.

City’s Chess Champion (Part Four)

I was put by Mr. Imam Rofi’ie as editor of the student magazine was not without reason. When in classes below the sixth grade, I often filled the column provided by the magazine. Starting from a section of poetry, short stories until the rubric of humor. My work got attention sufficiently from friends. Almost all of the students who knew me.

There were also my school lifting who active and had post on the Student Magazine “Derap”, but they did not play a role as redactor. All of my y three friends had position as illustrator. They are Galih, the star class who was also good at drawing, Amil, and Arie Sidharta. Drawings they made was special.

Unfortunately, after coming on as redactor, my writing productivity was actually decreased indeed. I was less eager to do anything. But I retained as redactor of the student magazine “Derap” until I graduated on eighth grade.

At that time, I was notorious for my skill about playing chess. It could be said that almost no one can beat me on that game at school. Whether it among teachers who love this game, or ordinary student like my pal.

I knew this game was originally due to be introduced by my father. Initially I was reluctant, but my father forced me to fight him on his spare time. Finally, I could not resist any longer. It started since I sat in the first grade of elementary school.

Originally I always lost by father in this game. Until one day, when I managed to hold my father stalemate. I already knew that there were stalemate ending party in this game. It happened after ten parties who all won by my father.

“Golly, stalemate, Mit,” my father said.

“What’s the meaning of stalemate, Father ?.”

Bisera (Part One)


Another Short Story by Fermy Nurhidayat


I lifted my face up from the files that were being finished. Translate the agreement documents with the principal company in Kuala Lumpur from English onto Bahasa Indonesia. Actually it’s not my job. But because Mr. Henky considered me had most excellent English in this company, he ordered me to translate the documents.

“We’re going to Tripatra now,” she called an oil contractor on Kalibata region.

“Well, I’m not in the Software Division now,” I protested clearly on her.

“But Mr. Bambang allowed me to ask you with me if it’s necessary,” she argued me fiercely.

Bisera was the girl’s name. An intelligent but less friendly as well. Friends at our office referred to her as ‘lioness’ when she was not with us anyway. And indeed, the lioness was really outstanding fierce. Just like an on flush lioness.

“All right,” I said reluctantly.

I grabbed my tie from the drawer, then put it on reluctantly. My hands made some knot in that piece of silk cloth. And so I tidy tied. I walked toward the conference room. There’s a large mirror, I used it to drape myself. Tidy up the knot that I have made before, and collar as well.

Then I went back to my desk. Bisera’s room was next to my office. Mr. Bambang, manager in Mechanical Division, ask me to fill the position of Technical Support in his division about a month ago. Previously, I was with Bisera on Software Division. Bisera was senior staff in this division. Even older than her, I was a junior staff in this company.

This company was owned by Mr. Henky Pringgodigdo. He named it “PT Delta Central Perkasa”. Mr. Henky Pringgodigdo comes from Sampang, Madura Island. Our age interval just only a few short years. But he had arguably been quite successful in terms of material and spiritual as well. How come?. Having a considerable enterprise established in this Tebet region, and also already had a beloved wife. Charming and beautiful wife who was also from Sampang.