Enemy Force’s Sudden Attact (Part Three)

“There are enemies, attaaaaaaaact !.”

The group of new students in white uniform shouted excitedly crossing the street toward us. They come out of the mouths imitating rifle being fired and cocked back. The position of their hands mimicked the hand position of soldiers who were shooting targets.




Our party became frightened to get a surprise attacks like that. We were all crying and gathering swarm onto the teachers. Dewi and Joshua were being pee in their pants with fear. The teachers was very surprised and looked livid. They both tried to calm us. Our group was a mess. Fortunately there was no traffic on the road.

“Irreverence,” hissed Mrs. Tutik slowly. Her face looked very upset.

Suddenly one of the students who dressed in a blue coat alma mater shouted to big kids in white uniforms. He was wearing a red slayer.

“You have what ?.”

“Attacking other groups without using guns.”

“Look at your hands, are there any weapons ?,” he continued.

“Use logic !.”

“Logic !,” he cried shout.

Hordes of big children with white uniforms were suddenly silent. We still crying howling at the roadside. Siska hugged Mrs. Yati thigh closely. She was very frightened. His eyes shed tears profusely. She cried silently.

” Get down all !,” ordered another big boy with purple slayer.

“You’re all lost.”

“You’re all dead,” said a big children’s with blue alma mater coat and red slayer.

Those big children suddenly were lying face down on the asphalt. In tears, I can still be surprised. How could the big kids feel disposed to face down on the pavement were full of dust ?. That’s where the heck why kindergarten stupid children coming from ?, so I thought at that time.

Dozens of big children were lying in front of us. We still bawling. In the chaos, Mrs. Tutik immediate made a decision.

“Come on kids, we go back to school.”

Our party moved left, return to school at Jalan Simpang Bogor. Some children had started silence. Some were still crying softly. We were all in shock. Our teacher no longer pay attention to our ranks. Anyway right back, back to school at Jalan Simpang Bogor. Immediately.

A long-haired female student follow us. She brought three laced drinking bottles of  left at the crime scene. She handed the bottle to Mrs. Yati while apologizing. Mrs. Yati receive the three laced bottles of  with a stiff face.

Arriving at the school, we were asked to enter the classroom by the teachers. The delegation of TK-2 and TK-3 had not returned to school yet. Mrs. Tutik took Dewi whom still crying. In her hand was a skirt inventories of the schools that was used for emergencies. She handed Dewi toward school bathroom. Mrs. Tutik would replace the Dewi’s wet skirt urinated.

Similarly, Mrs. Yati had picked out a large shorts for Joshua. Brown shorts. Joshua was bigger compared to other friends. He had not cried again. But his face still looked tired and frightened.

After that event, on that day, there was no singing lessons as before on Saturday. Our teachers let us play on the school yard. It was the most mess lesson of walking around the streets I’ve ever had.

pict by Emile Seno Aji

Enemy Force’s Sudden Attact (Part Two)

With hesitated voice then Mrs. Tutik told me, “Well Mimit, please sing.”

Then I sang out loud.

“Twice a day I have brushed my teeth

Twice a day I brush my teeth

White and clean teeth

Healthy teeth and strong

Because always use …..

Manfuuuuuul tothbrush”

Olala, .. I sang the ads of Manful toothbrush frequently heard from the television I’d seen from the neighbor’s house. I even mimicked the movements demonstrate commercial star child was brushing her teeth. At a moment the class became quiet and silent. No applause reverberated like applause for Vita could be heard. Moreover, a magnificent standing ovation for me. I looked at the teachers. Their faces stiff to bear from burst laughter. Finally, Mrs. Yati said to me shortly, “Sit Mimit”.

I returned to my seat with humiliation. Seeing both my teacher beared to laugh, some of my friends started giggling. Oath sure I believe that they did not understand what they were laughing about. You know how’s the children, they just could merely imitate.


It was Saturday, means that we had an agenda to walking around the streets on the first hour. After the ritual of “Hands up” to “Sit sweet” as usual, we were collected by the teacher on the classroom terrace. We were asked by the teacher to line up three by three. Then the teacher asked us to join hands each adjacent three children. I join hands with Meddie and Siska. On front of me seemed Sholeh coupled with Dewi and Daisy. I was jealous with Sholeh, I want to join hands with Dewi.

After had counted and called the roll of the students in TK-1 then Mrs. Yati and Mrs. Tutik allowed us to begin the journey. Entourage TK-2 and TK-3 was moved first. From a distance it looked they entered of Jalan Salatiga, meaning they will lead to IKIP Malang Campus as their route of walking around the street.

We chattered all along the way. Siska told me about her cat and dog who was always in harmony. They ate and drank together in the same plate. Never them fight, she said.

“Are they take a shower together too?” I asked curiously. Siska did not answer my question. She just glared at me. Meddie released his hand from me, take a drink case that hanging on his shoulders, and drink with pleasure. Sweat soaking from his neck and forehead. Meddie was sweaty easely. After that he went way through the group of three by three who had preceded him before and again took my hand.

We turned left along Jalan Bogor, and precisely when entering Jalan Veteran, Mrs. Yati and Mrs. Tutik asked us to stop. We pursuant to her and stopped walking, we waited to see what would be asked by Mrs. Tutik and Mrs. Yati. It turned out that Mrs. Tutik provided a little guidance to us.

“This time we will enter the big road , children.”

“Always walk on the sidewalk, do not let anyone walk in the middle of the road”.

“Got kids?,” asked Mrs. Tutik.

“Understand, Mrs. Tutik”, we replied in unison.

Then Mrs. Yati asked us to continue the journey. We are all happy because it was the first time we walked in a big street. Out of complex IKIP Malang. We passed a Heroes’ Cemetery and continued walked IKIP Malang Auditorium, Sasana Krida Building.

Occasionally, the teacher walked ahead of us on the side of the great road to make sure that we were not going to wade onto the middle of the road. Sometimes Mrs. Yati was in front of group, sometimes Mrs. Tutik was on the front. Sometimes they both were behind the group, talking and laughing when the situation allowed.

We approached Brawijaya University comlex nearby. There was a little crowd at the campus because it was new students orientation week. From a distance we saw the big kids in white uniforms were lined up in threes like us. They are accompanied by other children who wore a blue alma mater coat. They were across the street to us, so we might not passed the road with them.

“What’s that Mrs. Yati?,” asked Meddie to his teacher who happened to be walking beside him.

“Oh, that are new students doing orientation week, kid”, said Mrs. Yati.

Just when we were several few steps away from the new UB students group, suddenly one of them wearing an alma mater suit yelled, pointing us, the kindergarten children who wewe in walking on the streets session lesson.

pict by Denies Priantinah Senopranoto

Enemy Force’s Sudden Attact (Part One)

Chapter III

Enemy Force’s Sudden Attact

As the months passed after my first day of school. I enjoyed my school, my teacher friendliness, and joy to play with my friends. I’ve forgotten my desire to be a crushed gauge driver. However, how dashing were that profession. Back and forth running the cylinder hardening the street.

That time was the rainy season. Some of my friends wear jackets, some wearing sweater for warmth. At that time the city of Malang was still relatively so cold compared with other tropical town. It placed on mountain area. Often I saw the mist when went to school with Mas Tahal.

The atmosphere in the classroom was so glum. Some of my friends sneezing due to colds. The rainy season was so cold this time. We had all frozen in the classroom. In the gloomy atmosphere, suddenly Mrs. Tutik shouted.

“Small zero and big zero”.

We were all ready to listen to the next command from Mrs. Tutik. At the other end of the class seemed Mrs. Yati stood with folded hands which were frozen from the cold. I wore my mother had made knitted sweaters.

“Hands up”. We lift up the hands as Mrs. Tutik demanded. “Hands to the side”. We stretched out our arms to the side of the body, cold burst in my armpits. “Hands forward”, Mrs. Tutik continue. We all were pursuanted to. “Sitting sweet”, and that were her end series of commands. We folded hands on a bench right in front of our chest. We want to know what the next teacher wanted to us.

“Who wants to sing in front of the class?,” pleaded Mrs. Tutik next. We all froze on the bench. Of course we were embarrassed to get this kind of offering by our teacher.

“Did we both have taught enough song to you children?,” said Mrs. Yati. We all, zero small and big zero classes did not dare to move from where we were sitting. Mrs. Yati and Mrs. Tutik has much to teach the song to us. Among them is the “The Rainbow”, “The Fire Ship”, “Riding The Train”, and many more. Especially written by AT Mahmud and Mrs. Sud. The well known children song writer in Indonesia. But singing alone in front of the class was a different matter.

“If no one feel pursuant to sing on front of the class, I will point one of you, children”, said Mrs. Tutik. We were increasingly freezing and fear about.

“Well, I will point one of you then,” said Mrs. Tutik.

“Okay Vita, move forward on front of the class.”

Vita who did not imagine she was going to be called by Mrs. Tutik looked very surprised. Her cheeks flushed like boiled shrimp. Slowly she stood and shuffled forward on front of the class to follow order of Mrs. Tutik. She took place beside Mrs. Tutik.

“What is the song you want to sing, sweety?,” asked Mrs. Yati precede her colleagues.

“The Fire Ship”, Vita said hoarsely.

“Please Vita”, Mrs. Tutik commanded.

Vita sang “The Fire Ship” with timid voice. Her eyes wander sweep the walls of the classroom. She did not dare to look into the eyes of friends who watch in front of her.

“Look at a distant point on the high seas

Increasingly clear shape apparently.

That steamer sailing

White smoke is billowing on the air “

Vitariana has completed the song on front of the class succesfully. Mrs. Tutik asked the audience to clap along. Mrs. Yati looked clapped excitedly. The atmosphere began to change excited. This time Mrs. Yati turned raise voices.

I immediately raised my hand high on the air. I wanted to receive the applause of the class such as Vita. This time I was going to sing a song that had never been taught by our teacher in our classroom. Apparently I would get more lively applause than Vita had. Lest I would even get a magnificent standing ovation.

“Yes Mimit, move forward,” cried Mrs. Tuti with a friendly smile.

“What song are you want to sing , Mit,?” asked Mrs. Tutik.

“Brushing Teeth”, I replied simply. I actually did not know what was the title of the song.

Mrs. Tutik exchanged glances with Mrs. Yati. They had never heard the title of that song before. Moreover had taught the song to their kindegarten students. Their faces looked confused. Similarlywith all my friends, they were equally confused as both of my teacher.

(to be continued)

photograph by Denies Prihantinah Senopranoto