City’s Chess Champion (Part Six)

Those days of our school were having sports and arts match between classes. Of course I was installed as the first player in a chess match by my friends. I represent the class 6A. Each squad containing three players. Champion candidate was the our older students on 7B class. They have great players indeed.

One of the players who represented 7B class was Mas Pulung. Mas is a common call for the respect of the older men or boys. This is a sweet vocation in Javanese. He was a chess champion in the race for the Adolescents Group on the level of the municipality. Instead of messing around because he’s the champion. All friends of my class were hoping anxiously at me. I know, my adversaries this time was so hard, because Mas Pulung also placed as the first player to represent their class./p>

We’ve got a bye on the first play. Mas Pulung’s class just rolled up one of the classes in eighth grade with a frenzied. They were very sure that would be the first champion in chess matches at this annual sports and arts at our school. They only looked at me from the sixth grade that would be their stumbling block to go. But they still could hope from the second and third player.

In the afternoon when the chess match between my class who got the bye and the Mas Pulung class in one of the classrooms are so crowded. Nothing has spawned my class. That was considered to have more skills, just me as well. That his opponent was Mas Pulung, teen Chess Champion-level municipalities. Our class team was called upon by the Committee and asked to fill in a place that has been provided. We were herded to the place felt teammate massacre. The face of my teammate being pale. So did I.

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness (Part One)

Chapter VI

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness

As I told you before, in this the second grade, we moved to Jalan Magelang number four.It was still inside Malang Teachers’ Training College’s complex. Neighborhood the school was campus campus and college’s staff housing of Malang Teachers’ Training College. Stepping on the second grade, I became an avid reader because we had a library in this school’s local. There is no library on our previous school’s local on Simpang Bogor Street.

Our school’s library were very spacious and comfortable. It was filled with hundreds of titles. Start from scientific books to fiction’s books. Of course that was suitable for our age, the students here. Because of our library was large enough, then the school puts three librarian there. They were Mrs. Darti, Mr. Gatot and Mr. Sa’ie. Mr. Sa’ie was placed as a school library clerk after graduating his education which equivalent to D-II, if I was not wrong. D-II in Indonesia’s diploma school is taken over two years. He is no longer a school janitor as before. Yes, Mr. Sa’ie was a school janitor before gaduated from his diploma.

Every time we borrowed a library book, then we are required by the school library to collect a synopsis of the book that we have read. Therefore, in addition to having a notebook to attend the daily lessons, we also have a notebook to make a synopsis for reading books’ activity on the library. Should we collected it’s synopsis when we returned the books we had borrowed. If we failed to collect a synopsis of the book we had read, we were not allowed to borrow more books.

I’d always been the first champion or rank on the library’s books reading from first entered the second grade at this school’s complex at Magelang Street number four and got to know the school’s library, to graduate school in the eighth grade later. Other generation or lifting might be had alternated champion’s reading quarterly or semester, but especially for my lifting, I was the one who had always been a first champion for books reading’s activity on the library. But, I had only twice perceived to be the first rank or champion in the class. Once when with Mrs. Etty in second grade, and once another at the fourth grade when Mr. Kanang become my homeroom teacher.

Pict had given by my friend