Here’s The Circumcision’s Pain (Part Two)

Thus, finally my younger sister and I both entered to the sixth grade. We became the Junior High School level students, and changed into a blue and white uniforms. Just like most other junior high kids uniform along the country. My sister entered 6B class and I was on 6A class.

School was deliberately never put my sister and me in the same class since we both entered the first grade. It was carried out by the school to keep my psychological condition. I was always considered inferior to my younger sister. If my psychological condition was destroyed out of school due to my father’s behavior, it was already beyond the responsibility of our school. So that all I could think to this day.

We would have no longer moved to other class till eighth grade. Our class members would be fixed and not changed. I was going up to class 7A and 8A, while my sister would be up to class 7B and 8B. I did not know why the school uses this system. Perhaps it’s easier for us to adapted. Our friends managed to stay in one class, we did not need time to adapt to the new class atmosphere. A new classroom atmosphere would encountered when members of our class changed. We would concentrate to absorb the lessons in school. Maybe that was the assumption of our school. Who knows?

Entering the sixth grade, I was immediately circumcised by my father. He signed me up as a mass circumcision participant performed by Malang Teachers’ Training College. Of course free. My father bought a nice new batik shirt. That’s the only shirt that my father bought for me along attending school. Other clothes were second-hand clothes from families who live on others cities. My father did not want to spend too much money for his children. For him, it was wasting money. It was different thing of course if he was dealing with affairs that lined.

The Hell On My Own Home (Part One)

Chapter VII

The Hell On My Own Home

There were different atmosphere on our school that day. We all the students were busy fixing Wall Magazine with our classmates. Each class on the school did have a wall magazine. We replaced it every two weeks. Its content was properties of the student’s own work. There were sections of short stories, poems and drawings. Also we had humor section as well. Usually humor rubric contain contained short funny dialog written by the students ourselves. The homeroom teachers would ensured that our Wall Magazine changed every two weeks.

Our busyness was because the school would held a wall magazine contest. The school would having built an assessment team consisting of our teachers to assess each class Wall Magazine. Therefore, we tried to make our wall magazine appeared more beautiful than usual so our class deserved the prize. The prize itself was not so valuable at all. Just a piece of plaque to the first winner to the third winner. But the pride was so precious to us. It couldn’t be compared with anything for the members of the class. Above all, all of us want to win the contest as well.

We continued the bustle until late of the afternoon. After ‘Asr praying time, we went back to school improving our wall magazine. The name of our Wall Magazine at the school were so interesting. One of them was named “Nusantara”, in English it means the “Archipelago” . There was also a Wall Magazine named “Borobudur”. Borobudur is the name of a famous temple in Magelang District, Center of Java, it was one of the seven wonders of the world. Such busyness takes place once every year.

In addition to Wall Magazine owned by every classes, we also have a magazine running by the school. Our student magazine called “Derap”. In English it means “Tramp” . Manuscripts collected by friends in a box with holes. We enter our work on the hole. I often filled the “Derap” magazine. A lot of my work were enjoyed by friends each time the magazine was published, every three months.

(pict by Denies Priantinah Senopranoto)