Smiled In A Grief’s Synopsis

A Bipolar Disorder Sufferer’s Memoirs

This novel was about the cast of “I or me” named Fermy Nurhidayat. The twists and turns of his life to achieve his desire to graduate from a generous public university was extremely interesting. In this novel, the author invited the reader to think especially about children’s education. Authors provided it without patronizing the reader because it is done often with tickling humor. Indeed, a lot of funny stories were revealed in this novel.

The climax of this novel occured when the cast of “I” was declared schizophrenia by doctors who treated him. The rigger was when the cast of “I” having conflicted with his lecturer on Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering-UGM. UGM is still a generous and established university in Indonesia nowadays. In such condition, the cast of “I” was still trying to continue his studies until graduation.

In this novel also told how in his childhood, the caracter of “I” or “me” became a victim of domestic violence by the cast of “father”. The wrong upbringing was at the root of the problem so that the “I” being people with schizophrenia. Conflict with one of his the lecturer was just a mere trigger. It’s just in this novel was not told how eventually the psychiatrists established the author’s diagnosis from schizophrenia to be bipolar. It happened long after the character “I” graduated from the University of Gadjah Mada or UGM.

The Message of this novel actually was giving an example to the reader that the upbringing and education system which were not arranged greatly affected the child’s life when fully grown. That domestic violence on children had serious repercussions on the lives of children on the next period of life. The novel was written in the hope that Indonesian children have no longer needed to experience domestic violence in his or her own family home. It is true that loving parenting playing a great role for the life of a child after reaching adulthood.