Teens Love Romantism (Part Seven)

“You startled me, Mit!.”

“What if I become a nun?.”

To me it was so impossible. Ira joined the Islamic Religion class that Pak Abduh to us altogether. It means that she’s as Muslim as me. I couldn’t imagine if she ever really became a nun.

I once read in a magazine, that if a woman said “no” to a man, then what she really means was “it’s possible”. If a woman said “maybe” to a man, then what she really means was “yes”. And finally, if she said “yes”, then it was so certain that the woman was no longer a virgin as well.

After that question, or my frank statement, the reality was that we were getting closer to each other. We talked more often. What a romantic and beautiful adolescence.

It was Friday, we were in sports lessons. We played basketball under Pak Nardi’s guidance. He was a silver medalist on PON or National Sports Party in Wrestling Sport. As a boy who was less prominent in sports lessons, my friends and I were similarly less prominent were collected and competed in a game against a girl group.

We played with fun. The points by points ran after each group. I was excited to play because I played against Ira in that game. I loved to watch her run, devastated, and crawled the ball. A white pearl bead necklace adorned her long neck. Yes, it turned out that she was the most attractive girl in my class.

I fought the ball against Ira and lost. Ira grabbed the ball in my hand and poked her shoulder with my chest. I fell backward and smiled at her. Ira threw the ball to Irvin who immediately ran a harsh ball down the sidelines. Jujuk shouted at Irvin asking for the ball to be covered. Irvin was being detained by Ervan and Andri Susilo.

Ira watched me as I stumbled back and said,

“Come on Mimit, we now face facing against.”

Then she ran after Irvin and Jujuk to attack our stronghold. That’s when I knew that my love has been touched. The love of adolescence was truly very beautiful.

Teens Love Romantism (Part Six)

I had been starting to notice Ira about my second semester in seventh grade. At that time, Mrs. Indrawati placed us sitting next to her English lessons. Her body was very fragrant. Maybe it was because of the expensive soap she wore every day. Ira was the daughter of a wealthy family in our hometown.

At first, I did not pay much attention to Ira. We were quite different from each other as well. Ira had a very good kinesthetic intelligence. She was very prominent in sports lessons, while I preferred to drown myself in library books. Therefore, I was so close to Dian who was similar in this case with me. Ira poked her hair up like a fountain while attending the lower grades. Perhaps, that’s why I was not that close to her at first.

Sitting side by side in the English lesson, we became frequently did the assignments together in the classroom when the lesson went on. I accidentally noticed her and couldn’t stop yet. Only then did I realize that she was so very beautiful. Her attitude was so spontaneous and open. Then I watched her intentionally. And enjoy it as well.

Perhaps it was true that the Javanese said in ancient times that, witing tresna jalaran saka kulina, or the origin of the growth of love was actually because they were used to each other. This was true in my case with Ira. Despite the fact that she was so beautiful and attractive as well, of course.

On an occasion when chatting in class while on a break. I asked her spontaneously,

“Ir, what if I fall in love with you?.”

“And the truth is that.”

Ira was, of course, very surprised to hear such a question coming out of my mouth. In fact it was a natural thing, because we have indeed stepped on our puberty.

Teens Love Romantism (Part Five)

In addition, I also returned classmate with my kindergarten-age friend, Vitariana. Keep in gently, friendly and so polite to everyone. That’s all about Vita I ever knew. In addition, she was also disciplined in doing her homeworks. In a conversation, she told me that if she grows up, she wanted to be a doctor like her beloved father. Her father was indeed a famous and generous doctor in our hometown.

Also, the best friend I always keep in mind from this junior high school was Dian Sushanti. We often met in the school library since both of us love to read. His father was a lecturer at IKIP Malang as well. As I told you in advance, IKIP was Teachers Training College in Indonesia. Only to Dian I ever moaned about my dissolution facing the future. I began to realize that there was nothing I could hope for from my father to pay for my college. He will remain on his own way anyway. And no one could advise him.

I’m so close to my mother. We talked about many things, lot of things I knew from my mother and I did not get from my reading. Including about sexual matters. Parents usually avoid discussing this matter with their children, but not with my mom and me. Something I’m very grateful till now.

I knew the differences between bahenol and sexy also from my mom indeed. According to my mother, the bahenol was if a woman had big breasts and or buttocks, while the sexy was a beautiful body shape. So, that sexy did not always mean bahenol. Bahenol because of silicon was obviously even a sickening thing. From my mother’s information, I finally found out that Jujuk, one of my classmates were sexy and bahenol or voluptuous indeed, while Ira, also my classmate, was definitely sexy, but not so bahenol as well.

Teens Love Romantism (Part Four)

“You should be happy if your son is still a baby, mBak Ida.”

Mbak Ida smiled. then my mom’s went back to her conversation.

“Just look if he’s crying.”

“Oooo, he’s hungry, just breastfeed him, done.”

“If he’s crying again, just checked again.”

“Oooo, pee, wet diapers.”

“Just change the diapers, settled, silence is the child.”

“The hard thing is if the child has started to be teenager mBak Ida.”

“Why so Mrs. Toha?”

“Should he not bother anymore, should he?.”

“Who says it?,” my mother interrupted.

“It’s a lot more troublesome indeed, mBak Ida.”

“Especially if he’ve got a calf-love.”

“Make a parent’s headache.”

“Ooooo, isn’t it, Mrs Toha?,” mBak Ida answered.

They burst into laugher. I feel satirical. To me, that’s not funny at all. Mbak Ida turned to our house, she watched me watching the three of them through the window. She laughed even harder. My mother followed mBak Ida’s gaze toward the window. She saw me grinning there.

“Yups, that’s my son who is in love, just a calf-love,” my mom explained to mBak Ida which was grinned as well.

I disappeared through the window. I picked up the book I was borrowing from the school library from inside my school bag. I started reading it. A book written by Prof. Dr. Zakiyah Darajat about bright children and its development as an adult. In the book was written the fact that many children were brilliant when in their childhood, but faded brilliance as adults for various reasons. I drowned in my reading and forgot their conversation.

I have forgotten my childhood interest on Dewi. The girl was also a class with me stepping on this period of Junior High School. Clever, with stable academic achievement on school, that was Dewi I always knew when I was with her. Three years I was with her in a class at this junior high school as a classmate.

Teens Love Romantism (Part Three)

The class became quiet. And there was Henny’s loud voice roaring.

“Poem without any title,” I became alarmed.

Then she continued,

Langkah kakiku semakin perlahan.

Tikas cahaya yang kupandang pun meredup.

Fakta mengatakannya.

God, is not that my poem for Ita, my class junior?. It felt like my ears were hot and red. There was no way she could memorize the poem. Especially reading it for the reclamation contest at school. I watched her more closely.

Ramai orang mengatakan.

Tumor yang bersemayam di tubuhku.

Sedih nian tak terkatakan.

Tengadah tangan memohon ampun padaNya.

God, Henny really memorized my poem for Ita without text. I have translated this poem in English at the previous chapter. I became annoyed, I immediately got out of the class with red face and hot ears. On the way to the house I thought, thought about what should I do with that my grating younger sister whether she came home later. It must be something very evil.

That afternoon, my mother was talking to mBak Ida. Mbak is a common call for older women or used as a form of homage. Together with her husband, mBak Ida was a new resident in our hutment. They occupied a house belonging to Mr. Nasikin across the street. At that time, mBak Ida was walking around holding her three-month-old baby.

“Get your son on the street seeing, mBak Ida?.”

“Yes Ma’am,” answered mBak Ida, smiling.

“What’s your son’s name?.”


“Boy or girl?,” asked my mother again.

“He’s a boy?,” mBak Ida answered. Smiling again.

“You must be happy!.”

Once again mBak Ida smiled at my mother. Then my mother continued her conversation with mBak Ida. My mother approached the baby Giovani which was in her mother’s arms. She stroked the stubborn baby’s head when tried to talk to him. The presence of baby Giovani in our environment makes me happy. Imagine, I got a friend, Javanese with an Italian name.

Teens Love Romantism (Second Part)

Apparently the plan was really interesting to me. I will enjoy playing the game with my son and daughter later in the future. But, for that, of course I need an effort that is not easy. I have to find a future wife. If I do not have a wife, how can I get a child?. Do you think that I’m a kind of magic person?.

In the inter-class events were also held an art competition for smaller classes. Among them were singing contest and declamation contest. My fourth sister, Henny, also attended the singing and recital contest. Declamation is the reading of poetry without seeing the text. Surely more difficult than ordinary poetry readings. My sister, Henny also accelerated from the small zero class straight into the first grade of elementary school. Just like my other sister, Hany.

At that afternoon, I happened to witness the declamation contest that my sister followed. I did want to watch it declaim. If there’s something funny, there’s stuff to mock and laughed her at home. It must be great.

I went to 3A classroom where the contest was held. My own sister was a participant of second grade. Her body was small and still in school uniform. Like the other participants, she was dressed in a red and white uniform, as well as most of the audience in the room to watch.

There were only a handful of students in blue-white uniforms to see. They were junior high school student like me. Most were female students.

Henny’s name was called and I started grinning. Anything I could make laughing at home from her appearance, then I should certainly pay attention to. Henny came to the front of the room and got ready. He took the microphone from Mrs. Ratna’s hands, our teacher. The audience applauded. I also clapped for her, my sister. She did not realize that I was watching her attending the declamation contest.

Teens Love Romantism (First Part)

Chapter X

Teens Love Romantism

After that event, I became more and more famous in the game of chess at school. Indeed, there to develop my playing by studying the chess literature of my father had. Indeed, there was no good chess literature in Indonesia at that time, maybe even now. That’s why I learned it in the wrong way.

I studied chess from the opening. I imitated some variants from there. Indeed, I did not yet understand the steps. Why did the steps in the theory were chosen instead of other steps, for example. I did not know the purposes of the steps I have imitated. Finally, my game got messed up. I often made blunders when playing this game with my friends. My once pithy step became lost, so the mad ideas in this game became meaningless as well.

Eventually, I became easily defeated by my friends. My game becomes no different from them. The result was, I was being lazy to continue my this one hobby because often lost indeed. Even by players who had just gotten to know the game of chess.

I knew why my playing was going down that time. That’s because I studied this chess from the opening. Reversely, I should have learned it from the end game. For example, did the opponent give up in three steps with certain pieces. Also the other end games. Then just continued to learn the opening and mid game. Thus, I would know why a step was chosen in the variants of this chess theory. I’d been easier to visualize it.

When I have children in the future, and he and she is interested in this game, I will train him and her in this way. I think, it’s a lot and easy to get good chess literature from abroad. I will collect the end game positions, and solve the problem as a game for me and my children at the spare time. When it is enough to master the final game, then learn the middle game with its strategies and opening game and its variants.