The Hell On My Own Home (Part One)

Chapter VII

The Hell On My Own Home

There were different atmosphere on our school that day. We all the students were busy fixing Wall Magazine with our classmates. Each class on the school did have a wall magazine. We replaced it every two weeks. Its content was properties of the student’s own work. There were sections of short stories, poems and drawings. Also we had humor section as well. Usually humor rubric contain contained short funny dialog written by the students ourselves. The homeroom teachers would ensured that our Wall Magazine changed every two weeks.

Our busyness was because the school would held a wall magazine contest. The school would having built an assessment team consisting of our teachers to assess each class Wall Magazine. Therefore, we tried to make our wall magazine appeared more beautiful than usual so our class deserved the prize. The prize itself was not so valuable at all. Just a piece of plaque to the first winner to the third winner. But the pride was so precious to us. It couldn’t be compared with anything for the members of the class. Above all, all of us want to win the contest as well.

We continued the bustle until late of the afternoon. After ‘Asr praying time, we went back to school improving our wall magazine. The name of our Wall Magazine at the school were so interesting. One of them was named “Nusantara”, in English it means the “Archipelago” . There was also a Wall Magazine named “Borobudur”. Borobudur is the name of a famous temple in Magelang District, Center of Java, it was one of the seven wonders of the world. Such busyness takes place once every year.

In addition to Wall Magazine owned by every classes, we also have a magazine running by the school. Our student magazine called “Derap”. In English it means “Tramp” . Manuscripts collected by friends in a box with holes. We enter our work on the hole. I often filled the “Derap” magazine. A lot of my work were enjoyed by friends each time the magazine was published, every three months.

(pict by Denies Priantinah Senopranoto)

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness (Part Seven)


The silence of the class was broken on the morning by a long laughter. We chuckled at Rudianto’s reading. This latter called blushed his face and adjusted the seat. Then he tried to read again,


Again the classroom rushed into boisterous laughter. Mrs. Indrawati participated to laugh with us. Then she said something to Rudianto,

“Please listen to me, my dear, watch and listen carefully.” Mrs. Indra pointed the phrase written using a long wooden ruler with her left hand, while her right hand pointed to her own mouth,

“My brother.”

Once again, our spiky-haired friend’s eyes glued on the board. Apparently he started to sweat. Sweat beads for seed corn and soybeans having flown from his forehead. He was almost turned into tears.


I had my stomach sick watched Rudianto’s expression. In the boisterous sound of children laughing, then Mrs. Indra asked Rudianto to learn reading and pronounced my brother rightly at home as his own homework.

At another times, we got an examination from Mrs. Indra. The class became tense. We struggled with the questions given by Mrs. Indra to us. For some purposes, Mrs. Indra left us from the classroom to the teacher’s room. Soon the class became rowdy. Friends cheated on each other to do that work.

In the midst of the commotion, Mrs. Indra suddenly entered into the classroom. She was very angry because we cheated on the examination. She had us sat and scolded us all out. Her white face reddened as boiled crabs. In hes anger, Mrs. Indra wrote something on the board. The inscription read “CHEATING IS A CRIME”.

It’s so influential this event on myself. So, until studying on Yogyakarta later, I became a student of the most anti-cheating and provided a cheat sheet on examinations. Mrs. Indra was remarkable gracious to me. And would be remain so everlasting.

(pict by Emile Seno Aji)

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness (Part Eight)

One day, when I was in seventh grade, Mrs. Indra provided a puzzle to us. She asked us a question in English instead of Bahasa.

“I have six legs when I’m walking, but I have four legs when I’m running. So, who am I ?.”

Thus the content of puzzle questions from Mrs. Indra. We all sat silent and thinking. What was the answer of Mrs. Indra’s puzzle question?.

The class was quiet for a moment. Minutes passed, and no one of us dared to raise hand to answer our beloved English teacher. Mrs. Indra waited and smiling on front of the class. Her face was covered with a triumph looking.

In the eerie silence, suddenly I giggled in a few seconds.

“Why are you laughing, Mit?,” asked Mrs. Indra to me.

“Do you know the answer of Mrs. Indra puzzle question?.” she continued.

“Maybe Ma’am.” I said not sure. I was afraid my answer would be wrong indeed.

“What’s your answer Mit ?,” asked Mrs. Indra to me. Her face seemed curious. I was increasingly pounding and awkwardly. Actually, I was not sure with my answer as well.

“Man riding a horse, Mrs. Indra.” I replied with a hesitant voice. Of course I answered with Bahasa instead of English as well. I was not clever enough to speak English indeed.

Afterwards, unexpectedly Mrs. Indra laughed and told the class,

“Mimit was right, the answer is a man riding a horse”, said Mrs. Indra giggled. I was shocked by the fact that my answer was correct. I chuckled at the end of Mrs. Indra’s statement. Then the class was sullen and grumbling to me because they could not answer Mrs. Indra’s question.

Then she moved to the blackboard and write the answer to her riddle herself. On the board immediately posted Mrs. Indra’s round and sweet handwriting, ‘A man riding a horse’. Then she left us out of class for a while.

Apparently she headed to the school office of Administration. She wanted to see my mother who had been a clerk of the school’s BP3. BP3 was the association of students parents on our school.

“Damn Mimit, Mrs Toha!.”

“What’s going on, Mrs. Indra?,” my mother responsed anxiously.

“I’ve questioned a puzzle for three classes students, none of them could answered my question except your boy, Mimit.”

“Damn that Toha’s son.”

“Aparently, Mimit’s so clever indeed,” she continued with a giggled.

Then Mrs. Indra return into our classroom and continued her lesson with us.

(pict by Iwan J Prasetyo)

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness (Part Six)

The goods which we have shown to Mrs. Indra started to accumulate on the table and felt down. There were also students who already preparing their spoons on their table and went along with a fall. We pursued and picking our goods which were falling. The sound of falling spoons and forks had been being heard to slice ears. Sometimes we pursued it under the table. At that place squatly, we still had time to pull out our hands to show the objects requested by Mrs. Indra. We did so while still singing. Class began to bustle.

And a spoon, Meddie conveniently showed his spoon that just picked up under the table. He bumped his forehead moan for the bench when hastily stood up from a squatting position. We couldn not hide our amusement when the lesson was in progress. The umbrella is the last, we showed our umbrellas. The umbrellas were brought Taufik dislodged of it’s shaft when showed. It was large and black, befalled Irvin and Eny sitting in front of Taufik. They shouted in surprise. We really got an unforgettable entertainment on the day with Mrs. Indra.

On a sunny morning, Mrs. Indra wrote a phrase on the blackboard. Just a simple phrase. Then she pointed to that phrase using a long wooden ruler found at the classroom corner. She gave us an example of how to read it properly,

“My brother.”

“Rudianto,” she exclaimed to call one of our friends. The one who was called strucked from his reverie and paid attention, what Mrs. Indrawati desired from him ?.

“Try to immitate me Dear, my brother,” apparently our beloved teacher wanted her students could read and pronounce that phrase with proper pronunciation.

Rudianto, our spiky-haired friend was focusing all his attention on Mrs. Indra phrase written on the blackboard. He did it as if his eyes out of the eye socket because glared to the phrase so seriously.

(pict by Iwan J Prasetyo)

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness (Part Five)

And thus, we brought spoons, forks, erasers, rulers, up umbrellas to school when attending English at the next session. Each student brought one item to all items requested. Some kids brought real umbrellas. But many kids carrying an umbrella image on a poster board, such as Mrs. Indra had been ordered before. Similarly, for watches. Watches were still a luxury for most of us.

The day for English lessons coming, our classrooms become as refugee camps. The sound of spoons and forks clinking in our bags, the students of Mrs. Indra. Many children carry large-sized umbrella belonging to his parents to the school. Hence the classroom to be like barracks of world’s war refugees.

The lesson had begun yet. Mrs. Indra unfurled a chart, bearing the image of the goods that we brought to school. We began singing with enthusiasm, she pointed to each picture with a wooden ruler presented in the classroom.

Boys and girls look at the chart, Can you tell me what these are? It’s a book, we show books we brought to Mrs. Indra. It’s a pen, we showed ballpoints we brought to Mrs. Indra. It’s a pencil, we showed our pencils. And a key, we brought assortments of keys. A friend of mine brought door’s padlock as well, apart from that there was a friend who bring a bike lock. It’s a watch, we held up watches we brougt to Mrs. Indra, there were also friends who simply show picture of watches which she or he made themselves at home on a piece of poster board. I belonged to students who brougt these images rather than bringing the original object. It’s a ruler and a comb, we showed the usual ruler we used at school and comb that we brought from home.

Of the comb I had brought, stormed several pieces of dandruff because I have not had time to wash the brush before I brought to school to fulfill Mrs. Indra’s asking to. It’s a brush, eraser, fox, we all demonstrated regular toothbrushes we used at home, and erasers that we used at the school to Mrs. Indra. Then we immediately issued a fork that we borrowed from our mothers at home.

picture by Denies Priantinah

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness (Part Four)

When taught the names of numbers, she invited us to sing like this,

One little two little three little Indians,
Four little five little six little Indians,
Seven little eight little nine little Indians,
Ten little Indian boys.

Sometimes we were asked to change the latest lyric to be,

Ten little Indian girls.

One day, she asked us to sing by counting backwards like this.

Ten little nine little eight little Indians,
Seven little six little five little Indians,
Four little three little two little Indians,
One little Indian boy.

We sang with enthusiasm. No need to get excited errands such as singing lessons with Granny Suryo. After finished singing, Mrs. Indra then laugh and blame us, she said, if we sang “one little Indians”, then it was wrong, should be “one little Indian”. We shouldn’t use the “s” because he was singular. Similarly, the “boys” to “boy”, also because he was singular.


We replied in unison in the classroom. Lyrics I wrote above was the version has been repaired by Mrs. Indra.

It was early in the morning, still bone-chilling cold. But that day, I would get excited about English lessons by Mrs. Indrawati. Apparently that morning, Mrs. Indra would like to introduce a few nouns to us. Soon she taught us to sing,

Boys and girls look at the chart,
Can you tell me what these are?
It’s a book, it’s a pen, it’s a pencil and a key,
It’s a watch, it’s a ruler and a comb,
It’s a brush, eraser, fork,
And a spoon,
The umbrella is the last.

We were repeating that song along with Mrs. Indra. We sang till memorized it wihout difficulties as if we were English native speakers. Mrs. Indra obliqued her lips left and right to give us an example of the correct pronunciation. At the end of class, Mrs. Indra assigned tasks to us to bring the items contained in the song. We should brought it at the next class. We got English twice a week.

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness (Part Three)

In the fourth grade, we started getting Book Keeping and Trade Calculating lessons. The teachers is Mr. Isgianto. We call him Mr. Is only. I was starting felt a difficulties about this lesson. Whereas my math’s mark was always great indeed. I was usually confused to distinguish between Debit and Credit. Usually I made mistakes when I load Debit and Credit columns. Every time when getting Book Keeping and Trade Calculating lesson, we always calculate profit and loss balance point of Stall “Somewhat” and Shop “That” with Mr. Isgianto. Complete with it’s ledgers and journals as well.

Anyway, science lesson was split into two. Namely Phisics with Mrs. Fauziah and Biology with Mr. Wartono. Mr. Wartono was very patient when teaching, we all take seriously when he was teaching. We also started to memorize the Carolus Linnaeus’s Binomial Nomenclature at this time. I love this lesson. I always remember that the Latin name for teak tree is Tectona grandis, and the Latin name for the protected Sumatran tiger is Panthera tigris sumatrae.

I also remember that Mr. Wartono said that the Latin name for domestic cats are Felis domesticus. I had asked Mr. Wartono on the Latin name for the chicken. He replied that the it was Gallus domesticus. I am easily memorize the Latin names for the Animal Kingdom and the Plantae Kingdom with this Mr. Wartono. I liked him very much. Biology always amusing indeed.

Above all, we also get English lessons starting from this fourth grade. We were taught by Mrs. Indrawati. We called her Mrs. Indra. She was my favorite teacher besides Mrs. Etty Ratnawaty, my homeroom teacher on second grade. She was similar to Mrs. Etty in terms of rigor and discipline. Our lessons were very enjoyable. Like the kindergarten children, Mrs. Indra taught us to sing a few children’s songs of. The difference was, now we sing in English instead of Bahasa.

When taught names of the day in English, Mrs. Indra taught us to sing like this,

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday,
Friday, Saturday
Oh, those are the days of the week.

photograph by Astungkara Wiguna

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness (Part Two)

In addition to reading the library’s collections books, Also I read the collection’s book of my friends sometimes they brought to school. Among them was Herge’s Tintin series, a French comic artist and worked authored by Enyd Blyton, the English novelist who wrote novels for children. I had read the whole Tintin series of Utje’s, Moeliarta Roekiandari, who liked to carry and read it in school.

One day, around my second year’s elementary school period, Uci, a schoolfriend of mine, went to my home. His parents were gone, and his brother was had an event himself, so he did not have any companion at home. Uci then brought by his brother coming into my house. We played all day long.

Late at the afternoon, my mother told me to take a shower. She also offered Uci to accompany me had a bath, but he was refused. So, I was alone on the shower bath near the well at the open side. Mom help me took off my clothes as well.

“I have to take a bath, Ci,” I said to Uci.

“Please,have your time, Mit,” said Uci.

There was not anything special about till the next day at school. The next day at school, Uci create a news Uci to all friends he had met, it had been happened uproaring when they heard it. The whole school turned into laugh.

“Mimit’s cock is thin and long.”

“How do you know, Ci?”

“Yesterday I saw it when he was take a shower as well.”

Immediately I become being chattered and laughed at the whole school. Even my seniors and younger students joined laughing at me anyway. Damn. After that incident, I never again bathe on the open. Indeed, we have a faucet at the open space at the kitchen nearby. I did not greet Uci for several days afterwards. What the hell.

photograph by Sribudi Astuti

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness (Part One)

Chapter VI

Mrs. Indra’s Angerness

As I told you before, in this the second grade, we moved to Jalan Magelang number four.It was still inside Malang Teachers’ Training College’s complex. Neighborhood the school was campus campus and college’s staff housing of Malang Teachers’ Training College. Stepping on the second grade, I became an avid reader because we had a library in this school’s local. There is no library on our previous school’s local on Simpang Bogor Street.

Our school’s library were very spacious and comfortable. It was filled with hundreds of titles. Start from scientific books to fiction’s books. Of course that was suitable for our age, the students here. Because of our library was large enough, then the school puts three librarian there. They were Mrs. Darti, Mr. Gatot and Mr. Sa’ie. Mr. Sa’ie was placed as a school library clerk after graduating his education which equivalent to D-II, if I was not wrong. D-II in Indonesia’s diploma school is taken over two years. He is no longer a school janitor as before. Yes, Mr. Sa’ie was a school janitor before gaduated from his diploma.

Every time we borrowed a library book, then we are required by the school library to collect a synopsis of the book that we have read. Therefore, in addition to having a notebook to attend the daily lessons, we also have a notebook to make a synopsis for reading books’ activity on the library. Should we collected it’s synopsis when we returned the books we had borrowed. If we failed to collect a synopsis of the book we had read, we were not allowed to borrow more books.

I’d always been the first champion or rank on the library’s books reading from first entered the second grade at this school’s complex at Magelang Street number four and got to know the school’s library, to graduate school in the eighth grade later. Other generation or lifting might be had alternated champion’s reading quarterly or semester, but especially for my lifting, I was the one who had always been a first champion for books reading’s activity on the library. But, I had only twice perceived to be the first rank or champion in the class. Once when with Mrs. Etty in second grade, and once another at the fourth grade when Mr. Kanang become my homeroom teacher.

Pict had given by my friend