My Mom’s Spell (Part Four)

This time it was a craft session. There were painting pattern at the poster board that was given to us already. We would make a hat from that paper. After cutting out carefully with the guidance of the teacher, later the paper will be glued on the right place and forming a cap.

When engrossed cutting, accidentally my carton looming on Siska’s head. Siska glared fiercely to me. I grinned apologetically. I fixed my carton layout out of her. Siska re-absorbed in her worked cut out.

Minutes went by. Zainul had been completed with his cardboard cap. Wearing the hat with grinning. Zainul was usually the fastest in doing anything in the class. The converse is me. I was a student who was always the last to complete the task. It has been revealed by Mrs. Yati to my mother.

Brass bell again sounded around long. That means it was time for us to go back home. Gathered with parents and other family members. I looked sadly at my oblique hat I was working. Glue is not neat. It’s sticky indeed. Similarly it’s cutting on poster board also less neat. I was silent sluggish. However, I’ve tried the best.

The teacher collected the results of our work as well as the scissors that we had used to with getting around the classroom. My friends had so lazy to talk to each other. Today it is quite tiring day for us all as well.

After praying home together, our class went out one by one after shaking hands and kissing the hand of the teacher. Mrs. Yati and Mrs. Tutik. I leaved the classroom and saw Mas Tahal had been waiting in front of the school gate. Mas Tahal was a neighbor boy who asked for help by my mother to fetch me to school by bicycle.

“What have you been doing?” asked the mother shocked when I set foot in front of the door. It seemed that she was so surprised with my performance that afternoon after school.

“Not doing anything,” I said, surprised.

“Why are there some glue trace on your forehead?” asked my mother.

“Oh, there was craft lesson”, I replied casually, “Make a paper hat”.

“Well I’ll be an aunt of monkey, should glue been placed to forehead?”, she said rhetorically.

I rubbed my forehead. It was true as said by mom, there was glue dried. According to my feeling I had not put something like glue on my forehead. Mom asked me to wash my face and change home clothes instead of still wearing school uniform. After that ,she told me to had lunch.

After having lunch, I approached my mother who was sewing my sister’s clothes. “Mom, I have a pain on my elbow.”

Mother stopped her activity for a moment and check out my elbow “Did you fall already, Mit?”, She guessed. I nodded. “Is it hurt?”, asked my mother. Again I nodded.

“May mom incantate you in order to get well soon”, bargain mother to me.

I went along. My mother looked at me lovingly and kissed my cheek. Her face was completely sincere. Then she rubbed her right hand to the floor. After that mom rubbed my elbow pain due to a fall when playing at the schoolyard this morning with a loving. She recited incantations which has been known well by her for generations.

Jopa japu

tak tambani tembelek asu

ndang mariyo

nek ora mari yo karepmu”

“How’s Mit?,” asked my mother with a full view of affection, “Is it better?.”

I shook my head and said, “It’s still sick Mom”.

Mother smiled and repeated his actions earlier. Again she cast a spell incantations in earnest and hypnotic voice.

Jopa japu

tak tambani tembelek asu

ndang mariyo

nek ora mari yo karepmu”

“How’s now?” asked my mother gently. “It’s feeling better Mom”, I answered honestly. Mom was so incredible. The pain is gone. I smiled to the mother. And mother smiled back warmly in returning. My Mom was usually a superwoman in my sight.

Mom had spelled incantation in Javanese, our mother tongue. In English, the incantation spell had read by mom when healed me having a free meaning like this:

“Charm spell

I treat with dog droppings

hurry recover

if not cured it’s up “


photograph by Denies Priantinah Senopranoto

My Mom’s Spell (Part Three)

Mrs. Tutik approached us with wide steps. Arriving in front of us, she cried fiercely.

“Who taught to sing like that?.”

We replied simultaneously, “Rudin, Mrs. Tutik.”

Mrs. Tutik pinched Rudin’s cheeck with exasperation. We did not understand why she get so angry. Rudin crying loudly. Mrs. Tutik seems to have lost patience.

“Who taught you to sing like that Rudin?.”

“Uncle Benny.”

“Who is Uncle Benny?.”

“My father’s brother.”

Mrs. Tutik sighed and then said, “It is, shut up!.” Rudin immediately stop crying. But inevitably he was sobbing too. This Rudin looeds miserable.

“Once again I hear you sing like that, you will be have my detention,” threatened Mrs. Tutik. Then Mrs. Tutik immediately turned and hurried back into the classroom. It looked Mrs. Yanizar, Mrs. Maryam Yusuf and Mrs. Yati welcome her. Apparently they’re want to discuss something.

After the departure of Mrs. Tutik from our front, Rudin startedcrying out loud again. He holded his cheek that had been pinched by Mrs. Tutik. We tried to calm Rudin and persuade hir to stop crying, but apparently we were less successful.

Vita ran from our presence and entered the classroom. Then she came back to us bringing in two pieces of cake of her school supplies. She exerted a piece to Rudin and eat the rest.

“Do not cry Rudin, eat the cake,” so said Vita.

Rudin stopped crying, he still short sobbing occasionally. He watched cake in his hands. But apparently Rudin yet tasteful meal. Cake, I thought. I draw near to Rudin and hoped he courage to share the cake with me.

“Let’s we play swing, Rudin,” I invited him. My eyes were not separated from the cake in Rudin hands.

Rudin shook his head slowly,

“Then, why don’t we play sliding,” I pleaded. Again. Rudin shook his head slowly.

After a long time passed and there was no sign that Rudin would share his cake, I immediately ran to my friends who were playing swinging. I play with them and forget Rudin’s cake.

The bell was pinged again by Mrs. Yanizar, that is to say, it’s time to get into the class back. Some children ran to class, which partly walked pretty slowly. I walked slowly toward the class. Wipe my left elbow with a grimace. Earlier I fell when playing chase with Joshua and Dewi.

I heard the sound of a child running behind. Then the noise stops right side. It happened that he was Rudi Siswandaru. He asked me,

“Mit, Why?.”

“Falling,” I replied shortly.

“Oh,” that was all out of the Rudi’s mouth. Then he running returned to class sticks.

Class was so quiet. I sat in my seat as usual. My seat was green. As usual these days anyway, I sat next to Dewi and Siska. That day Siska had ponytail her hair. Not braided as usual. Her attitude was still bitchy and like pinching. I do not like Siska’s pinched. Sore.

Mrs. Yati distributed colorful carton paper to all of the students. The carton were so width. Then it was my turn to get a piece of carton from Mrs. Yati. She gave me a piece of white cardboard. Actually I wanted to get a red or green carton. But I did not dare to protest to the teacher.

“Children,” said Mrs. Yati to the class, “I will share scissors to you all, I ask you to use it with caution, I did not want anything to be hurt,” said Mrs. Yati.

“Got kids?,”

“Understand Mrs. Yati,” I cried together with all my friends.

(to be continued)

photograph by Astungkara Wiguna

My Mom’s Spell (Part Two)

Vita and Tina seems to have tired of climbing. They descend from the climbing frame with sweat drenching their forehead. Then they sat down on the grass near the climbing frame and talk. I and Joshua joined sitting on the grass listening to their chatter.

“Let’s sing Tin?”, bargain Vita to Tina.

“Come on” replied Tina and Joshua together. I smiled just beside them. I scrathed my hair that did not itch.

“Tell me O carpenter

How do you hit a hammer?

See see my son

Here’s how to hit the hammer “

“Knock knock”, so said Joshua imitate the movement of people who are hammering nails.

Suddenly Rudin moved quickly down from the top of the climbing frame. He joined us in haste. I did not know what he wanted. Olala, … he apparently also wanted to sing. Soon he issued a shrill voice. Here’s singing.

“Tell me, O father’s mother

How do you make me?

See see my son

Here’s how to make you “

We burst out laughing. It was great to listen to songs that taught by the teacher could be modified a little bit. We all stood with enthusiasm and began to sing out loud.

“Tell me, O father’s mother

How do you make me?

See see my son

Here’s how to make you “

Our boisterous singing so that Dewi and Siska which were playing a round stopped playing and came join us.

Some teachers seem peered into their classroom door. Apparently they were confused with the hubbub caused by our singing.

Mrs. Tutik came toward us who are singing near the climbing frame. Strapping pace and in a hurry. We continue to sing.

“Tell me, O father’s mother

How do you make me?

See see my son

Here’s how to make you “

(to be continued)

photograph by Astungkara Wiguna

My Mom’s Spell (Part One)

Chapter II

My Mom’s Spell

The sound of bell brass pinged from a distance by Mrs. Yanizar. All my friends cheered. It was the end of the draw lessons session we have had. One by one or in groups children came forward to collect their drawings. Rudin, one of my collecting images of a lame horse of his work. The horse’s ears like a banana leaf and it’s tail like crocodile. Without realizing it himself, Rudin is a creative child.

Joshua came up to me and see my picture. I’m drawing Reog Ponorogo in action. Reog Ponorogo is a traditional art and recital authentically from Ponorogo, a District in East Java. It had also claimed by Malaysia as their national heritage. I tried to draw a tiger head for that Reog. My tiger head seems too meek and humble. My tiger not seem like a fierce like I’m desiring. Let it be, I thought, next time I can certainly draw a fierce tiger’s head. I scanned that drawing of my Reog Ponorogo with a smile of satisfaction

“Nice drawing Mit”, greeted Joshua. I was surprised to look at him, I thought just only me to know that my tiger’s head too patient. I stared into the eyes of Joshua sharply. Joshua bared his teeth, those white teeth were maintained. I was not able to get angry at Joshua.

“What are you drawing Josh?”, I asked. Joshua tried to hide his drawing behind his back. I sight at a glance of three marbles which were drawn by Joshua. One red, the other green and the other again black. Joshua did suck.

“We collect them together Mit?”, asked Joshua to me. I just nodded short. The two of us then went to Mrs. Yati who sat on the desk in front of the class.

“What were you drawing Josh?”, asked Mrs. Yati on Joshua sweetly .

“Marbles, Mrs. Yati,” he replied.

Mrs. Yati smiled sweetly, as usual, to both of us. Her eyes then turned to me.

“What were you drawing Mit?” asked Mrs. Yati to me.

“Reog Ponorogo, Mrs. Yati”, I replied with a grin.

“Nice drawing Mit”, praised Mrs. Yati. I know, Mrs. Yati just teasing me. My tiger’s head pictures was so patient, should it look fierce tiger. My face hardened. I held back my tears might. We both passed from the presence of Mrs. Yati.

Outside, we both saw the children playing. Boisterous voice. Nurul and Daisy were playing ball jacks on the patio of the school. They are fun to sit on the floor, sometimes audible clink jacks if it falls out of the hands of Nurul or Daisy. Erna and Taufik were squatting watching them played.

We were not interested in playing jacks, so we rushed to the schoolyard to join the children playing there. Round is full, some girls sat on spinning, laughing hysterically. Beside some boys ran holding the round stool that can rotate. It looked Dewi and Siska sitting on the lap.

The available two slides are apparently being sold out. Alternating with the orderly conduct of boys and girls conduct an orderly queue to get a turn gliding from the top slide. Framework climbing no less crowded. Rudin was on top of the climbing frame together with other friends. We decided to join in climbing frame group.

(to be continued)

(photograph by Emile Seno Aji)