Bisera (The End)

Suddenly I left Mr. Henky’s room, I met Mr Joko, another accompanion. From him I heard that Bisera would getting married. Apparently, the news was already widely heard these days. Only me at our company had less attention. So did not know there was good news as it was.

Finished the lunch break I met Bisera on her desk. Her table was cluttered as usual. But her face flushed when I asked her the truth about the news.

“Yes, I’m getting married in a week,” she gave me an explanation.

“Who’s the lucky guy’s name?” I asked curiously.


“Ooohh … si gundul tapi menawan.” I kidded her with reflex. In English ‘si gundul tapi menawan’means ‘the bald but charming’.

The beautiful lioness glared her eyes toward me. “Damn you,” she said. And I immediately scurried before her. Headed for the door. I heard the laughter of people from the software division who shared room with Bisera.

That morning I was late to the office. Later that night I did overtime indeed. So many positive shear pump having ordered by Saipem, the Italian oil company. As a Technical Support, I was responsible to choose the pump according to the specifications requested by Saipem. My eyes looked bruised and still sleepy.

In the office people were gathered to form a bustling crowd. Not as usual, I thought. I went up to the hordes of my friends to find out what’s going on.

“Bisera was killing herself,” said Mr Joko answered my curiousity.

I had tremendous shock and unable to speak. I still remembered Bisera’s flushed face when I asked her about the truth of her wedding plan.

“Her boarding house’s friends found her dying.”

“Damn it, why could be happened like that?,” I exclaimed didn’t understand.

“Her husband candidate impregnates her boarding host youngest sister,”

“The wedding is canceled”.

“Whereas the wedding invitation have been deployed on Padang,” cried another.

Now, I had understood the situation. Indeed, Bisera come from Padang anyway. Certainly her family could not make peace for granted by Gunawan. The situation was definitely complicated and I did not dare to imagine.


Malang, December 2010

(pict by Emile Seno Aji)

Bisera (Part Nine)

I was a little annoyed at Bisera because I practically did not do anything here. Everything was taken up by her. How can I become a little more clever if she did repair software herself without involving me.

Reinstallation lasted for less than an hour. Dona tried to enter the parameters needed and tried running the program. Supervised by Bisera, finally Dona knew the practical ways to use the software. Now, she had no problems with that stuff.

“Alright,” said Singgih. “It’s already working well,” he continued.

Then we said good-bye and prepared to leave. Bisera told them that if there was other problems with the software that cost thousands of US dollars, she would willing to call again on Tripatra. But it turned out they did not immediately let us to leave.

“It was time for lunch,” said Dona hospitally. A smile expanded wide on her sweety face.

“We’ve ordered food at Padang’s Stall,” said Singgih. Padang’s stalls are stalls serving of rice and side dishes are typically spiced. The cuisine using recipes from West Sumatra. Padang is the provincial capital of West Sumatra. It’s delicious, you should try it anyway.

The four of us ended up eating at the pantry. I ate with an uneasy feeling. I did not do anything here. But they fed me anyway. Indeed, it didn’t matter with Tripatra’s people. But still I had a hard feeling for them. Frankly, I was annoyed with Bisera. Apparently, she just wanted to accompany.

Several days have passed since I came to Tripatra’s office with Bisera. My translation had been completed and handed to Mr. Henky. Apparently, he was very thorough. Mr. Henky checked my translation and found some grammatical errors.

“Try to fix this Fermy,” he said seriously.

“Yes, Sir,” I agreed

“You needn’t to be in hurry,” Mr. Henky continued with a smile on his face.

(pict by Emile Seno Aji)

Bisera (Part Eight)

Mr. Singgih drove us to a table. Behind the desk looked a girl was tampering a desktop on front of her. Apparently the troubled software was there. The young girl turned around when the three of us approached.

“This is Dona,” said Mr. Singgih introducing his collegue.

“She’s our Process Engineer,” he continued.

The girl called Dona smiled and nodded at us. I figured she was around the mid-twenties. Could work in this huge company certainly was a great pride for her.

“They are technical from Delta Central Perkasa,” explained Mr. Singgih to Dona.

“Yeah ya ya,” Dona exclaimed.

“We have troubles with your software,” he continued.

“Every time I enter the parameters, the software always sends error message,” she exclaimed, then, “Even though I’ve messed the manual that gave ya.”

“Let me see,” said Bisera patiently. I found that she could also be friendly when was on front of the customer. Very different from her behavior when was working in our office in Tebet with us. Here this ‘lioness’ looked very concerned with the problems of our clients. What the hell.

After checking the configuration of that stand-alone machine, finally Bisera decided to reinstall the problematic software. She explained it to Mr. Singgih. Then this man made a short discussion with Dona, the Process Engineer. They discussed for some time before eventually approving Bisera’s suggestion.

“Okay,” said Mr. Singgih reluctantly.

He asked Dona to contact Hariyadi, IT staff which was in charge of storing CDs of software used in the company. Dona went and met him asked for the CD troubled software to Hariyadi.

Hariyadi came shortly afterwards. He was familiar with Bisera. Bisera introduced me to him.

“Fermy,” I exclaimed to him, and we exchanged business cards. My card is simple. Made of stiff paper, bearing the logo of PT Delta Central Perkasa and read my post. Technical Support.

(pict by Emile Seno Aji)

Bisera (Part Seven)

ra to someone coming behind the door suddenly opened, she got up from her chair. Then she walked toward that man about my age. They shook hand friendly, smiled to each other.

“This is Fermy,” said Bisera to introduce me to her customer.

I blinked my eyes a few times. Apparently, I had been dreaming for almost an hour. I stood up from my chair and shook him. He smiled and gave his name, “Singgih”. Indeed, Mr. Singgih was very friendly and cooperative as well.

“There was a problem with the software that we ordered a week ago Ms. Bisera,” he said to the point.

“Anyway, we needed it as soon as possible to predict the properties of oil’s mud in our new well on Papua,” he continued. Papua is the western province on our country. This place is well known about it’s natural resources wealth. Unfortunately, this province’s inhabitants did not tasting natural resources on their own land.

Bisera listened intently. And they discussed animatedly about the well would be held onn Papua. Bisera assured Singgih that her software was so very reliable. They discussed the possibility that the errors was possibly because of the computer settings. If the problem lied on the virus, of course the employees here have been able to cope indeed. That was I could catched from their conversation.

“This well would be deepwell,” said Mr. Singgih continuing, using the petroleum term I’d understood a little.

Singgih then asked us to enter the working room. The entrance of the workspace just only could be accessed to certain people. He took a card from his pocket and swiping the card to a panel next to the entrance. So, the three of us got inside.

That room was fulfilled with engineers. Computer monitors looked everywhere. I’d seen two people were having to talk about the piping. There was several civil engineers appeared to design the foundation for offshore rig. No doubt many of them were mechanical engineers like me, I thought enviously.

(pict by Astungkara Wiguna)

Bisera (Part Six)

“Are you both people from Delta Central Perkasa ?,” asked the receptionist behind her desk.

“Yeah,” said Bisera shortly.

>”Please wait a moment, Miss,” the receptionist said, “Mr. Singgih is still having a meeting with the board of directors.”

Bisera nodded understood. Appointments to meet with Mr. Singgih was on ten this morning. And it’s ten minutes after nine. Mr. Singgih was indeed well known about discipline in a matter of time. I already knew since was in software division before. So it was appropriate that we should wait.

The room in C Building was very neat. And it smell well with fragrance. Tripatra was a big oil contracting company. There were comfortable chairs in the room. Tree ornamental plants for indoors as well decorate it with very pretty. We decided to sit in the comfortable chairs.

If I had a quick graduation with a convincing performance index, I thought, Surely I could work in a company like this. I recalled times when I went to college in Yogyakarta. I was boarded on a house nearly Code’s riverbank. Just a short walk from Sardjito Hospital. My campus just northern of that hospital.

I had made hard efforts to graduate from college at that time. Studying until dawn. But my grades were mediocre. Though I’ve repeatedly refused to give private lessons to junior high and high school’s students. I managed to dedicate myself to learning. With a hope that I could graduate quickly with a convincing performance index. But I was not lucky at that time. I had left some lectures. I had to chase them as well. Even my juniors were graduated faster before me.

After graduating I realized that all of it comes from my own mind. From my subconscious, I was thinking not would be graduated from this Mechanical Engineering Department. Further, the subconscious further worked beyond my control anyway. Surely, I had studied hard. But, no matter how hard I studied, I still had to study over again for almost all of my courses. Even if I had successful completion of some course without studied over again, its managed to have minimum marks.

(pict by Hassanudin M Kholil)

Bisera (Part Five)

Mr. Sonny give the requested documents and portal then opened. The car slid slowly and Mr. Sonny drove us right on front of the building where the Front Office was located. The room inside the building looked comfortable, and the receptionist asked about the purpose of our arrival.

“We want to meet Mr. Singgih,” answered Bisera at the receptionist clearly.

“Have you had appointment with him ?”

“Yes, I have,” again Bisera answered the question shorty.

The receptionist at the Front Office then dialed a number on her intercom. She did it while sitting comfortably. Not long afterwards, she spoke to a people from across the building.

“You have visitors from Delta Central Perkasa, Sir.”

“Oh, yes, Sir,” said that pretty receptionist behind her intercom.

“Yes, yes, Sir.”

“Sure, Sir.”

The girl behind the desk was then hung up the intercom in her hand. Then said that Mr. Singgih ask Bisera waiting in the next building. Bisera asking for directions and the location where the building was located. The receptionist told her where the building was located. Then, finally both of us went to that directed place.

We walked through a beautiful garden inside the office building complex. Definitely a lot of money was needed for creating and maintaining a beautiful garden like this. There was a fountain in the garden, how’s beautiful. The entire structure in the complex was apparently really well designed. I remember with slums that were sometimes seen many time when Mr. Sonny or Mr. Darmadi fetched me along throughways in this Jakarta.

We passed a small mosque. A few people were praying inside. Maybe they’re praying Duha. The mosque also looked clean and well maintained. Bisera and I then crossed a courtyard and finally we entered the C Building. That was the receptionist asked us to wait Mr. Singgih. This time we met another receptionist on C Building.

(pict by Iwan J Prasetyo)

Bisera (Part Four)

“Look,” I said enthusiastically, pointing at the poster.

“Have condom,” I said out loud reading the poster. Apparently the Ministry of Health was campaigning for safe sex to the public.

“Having no wife but already told to wear a condom,” I said with a laugh.

Mr. Sonny laughed to hear what I say. He already had six children himself.

“How old are you, Mr. Fermy?,” he curiously asked.

“Thirty-four years old, Sir.” I answered with smile.

“What ..?,” said Mr. Sonny feigning surprise, “Thirty-four years only having used to pee?,” he joked.

We both burst out laughing. Actually, it was such a silly joke not funny for some people. But Mr. Sonny occasionally made outrageously joke for us. For me it’s better than silence throughout the trip. Moreover, with the condition of the traffic on Jakarta. We have traffic jam along the day here in Jakarta. I glanced at Bisera who sitting alone on the back seat. It appears that she was trying not to smile. Her efforts were not very successful as well. Her face looked contrived stiff.

We arrived at the Kalibata Heroes Cemetery. The tomb seems beautiful with several couples of deer in it. The cemetery shaded by large trees. The car then turned left. Then we turned right to enter the Tripatra Engineering corporation complex.

Two security guard stopped our Panther. Mr. Sonny rolled down the car’s window beside his seat. “We’re from Delta Central Perkasa, Sir,” said Mr. Sonny affably when they both come approached. Then a guard wrote something on his file. Suddenly he handed it to Mr. Sonny.

“You have to left your ID Card, Sir.” asked the guard to our driver plain and stiff.

Since Jakarta was rocked by bomb terror by Noordin M. Top terrorists networking, security in office buildings and hotels, especially five-star hotels, was improved. I understand it. It’s make sense. Noordin M. Top himself come from and a citizen of Malaysia instead of Indonesia.

(pict by Iwan J Prasetyo)

Bisera (Part Three)

Mr. Sonny had just finished wiping the car. All the doors on the Panther were opened up. He turned around and smiled when saw me and Bisera approached over him

“Where I should fetch you both this time?,” he asked friendly.

“Tripatra,” answered Bisera coldly.

Sometimes I thought, how can Bisera that had rigid character could be hired here in this company. Her personality was really annoying and bossy. Many other employees here were hostile upon her. Either overtly or covertly. Dita, admin in the Software Division was clearly hostile. Whereas in fact, Dita was Bisera’s subordinate. I think this condition was not healthy on our company.

Perhaps Bisera’s personality, especially in interpersonal relationships did not appear at the time Mr. Henky interviewed her when the job application process. Mr. Sonny, our driver, included among them who most frequently gossiping Bisera. But he did not do it in front of Bisera, unlike Dita who did it as well.

We got into the car and I buckled my seat belt. I sat next to Mr. Sonny. With the seamless the Panther got out of the company’s gate. Then avoid a motorcyclist elegantly. The streets in Jakarta was extremely complicated. Near the busway station, Mr. Sonny honked a pedestrian walking a bit to the middle. Mr. Sonny was a very nimble driver. He knew almost all the throughway in this Jakarta. We were lucky to have a driver like him.

We passed three in one region quickly. Three-in-one was the rule of the local government of this capital city. Cars with less than three passengers including the driver was not allowed to enter certain streets. Then we entered the flyover. From the car window I caught a sight on a large poster with my eyes. As I recall, the poster was not there when I had passed this flyover last week with Mr. Darmadi, our another driver.

(pict by Astungkara Wiguna)

Bisera (Part Two)

I rarely speak with Mr. Henky anyway. I mostly dealt with Bambang and Bisera. Mr. Henky often going out of the country. Usually to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Sometimes accompanied by Mrs. Rini, his wife from Sampang. Mr. Henky’s wife was very georgeous, grace and pretty. She had her own business on Matraman region. As a civil engineer from Bandung Institute of Technology, she had a construction business with several of her companions. I happen to know that the construction business was named PT Inti Perkasa Delta.

Sometimes Mrs. Rini come to our company’s building. She brought dishes from the restaurant for all the employees here. Sometimes I had got it, but sometimes I missed as well. There are thirty-six employees in PT Delta Central Perkasa.

Mrs. Rini had about the same age with me. Whether she graduated from Department of Civil Engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology, then I graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Gadjah Mada. My university located on Yogyakarta. But I was not so close with Mrs. Rini. I deliberately kept our distance as well. I did not want to fall in love with her. How ridiculous if you fell in love with your boss’s wife, didn’t you?.

“Let’s go,” Bisera commanded me. She brought her beloved laptop.

“All right,” I replied, “But I’ll say goodbye to Mr. Bambang first.”

“Bambang went to Singapore.”

“Oh, for what matters?” I asked.

“Come on, let’s go, it’s none of your business anyway”

I followed behind her. Bisera walked with grace and confidence. Her chin slightly raised upwards. Having simple makeup but interesting. Her lips was so natural with a thin sweep of lip-gloss. Actually, this girl was pretty enough, I thought. But her grumpy was like a kind of devil.

We went down the stairs to get to the court office. When we got there, Mr. Sonny, one of the company’s driver who managed to fetch the staff already heat up the car. A diesel-powered Suzuki Panther. The car seemed well maintained. For a company engaged in our field, the impression on the customer was extremely important. For that reason, our performance should be kept outstanding on front of them. Including the performance of the car that drove us.

(pict by Astungkara Wiguna)

Bisera (Part One)


Another Short Story by Fermy Nurhidayat


I lifted my face up from the files that were being finished. Translate the agreement documents with the principal company in Kuala Lumpur from English onto Bahasa Indonesia. Actually it’s not my job. But because Mr. Henky considered me had most excellent English in this company, he ordered me to translate the documents.

“We’re going to Tripatra now,” she called an oil contractor on Kalibata region.

“Well, I’m not in the Software Division now,” I protested clearly on her.

“But Mr. Bambang allowed me to ask you with me if it’s necessary,” she argued me fiercely.

Bisera was the girl’s name. An intelligent but less friendly as well. Friends at our office referred to her as ‘lioness’ when she was not with us anyway. And indeed, the lioness was really outstanding fierce. Just like an on flush lioness.

“All right,” I said reluctantly.

I grabbed my tie from the drawer, then put it on reluctantly. My hands made some knot in that piece of silk cloth. And so I tidy tied. I walked toward the conference room. There’s a large mirror, I used it to drape myself. Tidy up the knot that I have made before, and collar as well.

Then I went back to my desk. Bisera’s room was next to my office. Mr. Bambang, manager in Mechanical Division, ask me to fill the position of Technical Support in his division about a month ago. Previously, I was with Bisera on Software Division. Bisera was senior staff in this division. Even older than her, I was a junior staff in this company.

This company was owned by Mr. Henky Pringgodigdo. He named it “PT Delta Central Perkasa”. Mr. Henky Pringgodigdo comes from Sampang, Madura Island. Our age interval just only a few short years. But he had arguably been quite successful in terms of material and spiritual as well. How come?. Having a considerable enterprise established in this Tebet region, and also already had a beloved wife. Charming and beautiful wife who was also from Sampang.